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Chapel Theme for 2014-2015    

Wheaton Academy
Chapel Theme 2014-15

The word “story” resembles so many different parts of the Christian faith.  Ultimately, we are all a part of God’s redemptive story that frees us from the trap of sin and darkness.  The story is a grand one, and includes the individual lives of all people.  The theme of story will be broken down into “mini themes” that allow us as a school to focus in on specific points of truth that are found in God’s word.  We are thrilled to host speakers that are regularly a part of the WA community, as well as outside speakers from all around the country.  Please join us in praying for this year and this series.




The Consistent Story: God

Prayer: It is our prayer that students will know the Author of the story.  We want this community to know the One who is in control of all things and is consistent in His nature.  God always was, always is, and always will be, and we long for our community to know the gravity of these attributes.

Speaker Schedule
9/2 - Jeff Brooke - Matthew 14:22-32
9/5 - Dr. Gene Frost - Jeremiah 29:11
9/9 - Joe Thorn - James 1:17
9/12 - Kori Hockett - Hebrews 8:7-13


The Story of Sin: God’s Odd Response

Prayer:  It is our prayer that students know the central message of the gospel.  We want this community to have a clear sense of the love that God pours out to us despite our sinful nature.  His “odd response” has set us free for eternity and set us free to love.  

Speaker Schedule
9/16 - Hanibal Rodriguez - Genesis 3:7-11
9/19 - Nick Massi - Acts 19
9/23 - No Chapel / Homecoming
9/26 - Homecoming Chapel - Edie Rooks
9/30 - Mark Bergin
10/3 - Daystar College Choir - Psalm 5:3-8

The Story of Adoption: Eternal and Practical

Prayer:  It is our prayer that students and faculty of this community fully understand that they are adopted by Christ if they are in relationship with Him.  They are a member of God’s family not simply in heaven, but here on earth as well.  We want graduates of this place to know the truth of adoption that Paul presents in the New Testament.

Speaker Schedule
10/7 - Jon Peacock
10/10 - Chris Browne - John 8:1-11
10/14 - Project Lead Spiritual Life - Genesis 45:1-15
10/17 - Reece Whitehead
10/21 - Val Gregersen
10/24 - Brittany Klenke
10/28 - NO CHAPEL / Parent Teacher Conferences
10/31 - NO CHAPEL / Winterim Palooza

The Story of Power: Build

Prayer:  We want this community to believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and the role He enables us to have on earth.  We are empowered, freed from our old self, and able to build the kingdom through God’s power.  We want students to build, not simply absorb Christianity.

Speaker Schedule

The Foggy Story: When We Struggle

Prayer:  It is our prayer that we honestly wrestle with our struggles and turn them over to God.  So frequently, we theologically understand our position but still struggle through the daily sins of life.  We want God to redeem these areas of our lives and help us when we think we are the only one that is “in the fog.”

Speaker Schedule
To be announced


The Story: My Role

Prayer:  It is our prayer that spiritual life week provides a time for students to understand their role in loving God and loving others.  We want our faith to be rooted in the love of Christ and therefore motivated to love others.

Speaker Schedule
To be announced


The Masked Story: When We Hide

Prayer:  It is our prayer that as evil seeks to sweep in and steal glory from God we fight against him with fellowship amongst believers.  We want to remove masks that hide areas of our lives and prohibit us from becoming all that God uniquely designed for us to be.  It is our prayer that students find their giftedness, their uniqueness, and their role in the spread of Christianity.

Speaker Schedule
To be announced


The Story of Growth: Deep and Wide

Prayer:  It is our prayer as students remove masks, they do not simply remain as who they were, but thrive in their God-given attributes.  We want this community to know the love of Jesus in the way it is described in scripture.  We long for every student to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ (Eph. 3:18).

Speaker Schedule
To be announced


The Story of Dependence: Trust

Prayer:  It is our prayer that the story of this community would include an element of trust that represents our faith in Christ.  We want to stretch our hearts and minds to a point where we turn more and more over to Christ.  We want students to regularly offer their struggles, praise, questions, requests, and concerns to their Savior.

Speaker Schedule
To be announced


The Finished Story: Freedom

Prayer:  It is our prayer that students know that Christ finished the war through his death and resurrection.  This community must rest in the gospel but move toward the freedom that it offers.  We are no longer chained to our old self, but instead, chained to righteousness, which sets us free to live according to His will.  God has remarkable things planned for us and because it is finished, we can participate in the things He has designed.  

Speaker Schedule
To be announced

Year Verse:  Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 

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