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Chapel Theme for 2013-2014    

Chapel 2013-2014
Wheaton Academy

The chapel theme for this school year will revolve around the word LIFE.  As Christians we believe that LIFE comes through Christ and it is our hope that our students embrace this idea throughout the course of the next nine months.  

Series Titles and Prayers

  1. One LIFE: Here and Now
    Prayer: It is our prayer that students understand the gift of this life and the necessity for Christ followers to engage with their Father.

  2. The Essence of LIFE: Love
    Prayer: Father, allow our students to understand the depth of your love so that they may love in the way your Word calls us to.

  3. Kingdom LIFE: What are we building?
    Prayer:  Father, empower our students as kingdom builders.  Help us become people that are actively responding to your Word and building in such a way to glorify your name.

  4. The Imagined LIFE: Thinking Beyond the Expected
    Prayer: God, expand our minds, our souls, and our eyes to see the amazing life that you have for your people.  May we never settle for a life that is enclosed or minimized by our small expectation.

  5. The Broken LIFE: Now but Not Yet
    Prayer: Father, help us to run to you amidst our brokenness.  Remind us of your goodness and empower us as we strive to conquer things that take away the LIFE you want for us.

  6. The Eternal LIFE: Until Faith Becomes Sight
    Prayer: God, teach us to live by faith and in light of our eternal citizenship.

  7. The Upside-Down LIFE - Different Than Expected: Beatitudes
    Prayer:  Lord God, teach us through the Sermon on the Mount. Identify our need for you and the life that you desire for your people to have.

  8. The Empowered LIFE: A Vessel
    Prayer: Father, you have created us for relationship with you and left your Holy Spirit to dwell within us.  May we remain connected to the source of life and always remember that we are not normal…we are filled with your spirit.

  9. The Connected LIFE: The Source
    Prayer: Father, as we conclude the year, may we always be reminded that our source of life comes directly from you and the gift of your son.  May we celebrate life as we live connected to you!

Chapel at Wheaton Academy is an opportunity for students and faculty to come together as a community and grow in their faith and understanding.  Throughout the year a variety of speakers will come and share on a different part of our theme of LIFE. Our student worship team is also a regular part of the chapel experience.

In the Spring, the normal chapel schedule is paused as we instead partake in Spiritual Life Week, a week where the normal schedule is shifted to include daily chapels by the same speaker. This year’s speaker is Pastor David Choi, from Church of the Beloved, and he will be speaking on this year’s theme of LIFE.

From seniors in Project Lead Spiritual Life helping to plan chapels to be engaging and fulfilling for the students, to morning faculty devotions coinciding with the themes, it is our prayer that chapel will continue to be a rewarding experience to everyone involved at Wheaton Academy.

Year Verse
Psalm 86:11
“Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” 


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