WA Students Win Video Contest
May 14, 2010

WA students recently won third place in a video contest for the 2010 Save a Life Campaign. Over 65 videos were submitted from different schools across the country that dealt with issues like depression, bullying, and other difficult issues. The video was made by senior, Mike Egler, senior Alex Felinski, and junior David Sapyta and had the help of WA faculty member Nate Leman for the voiceover. The video curriculum includes a class called Competitive Video, designed to allow students to use class time to work and produce videos specifically for video competitions. These boys submitted their video into the Save A Life PSA contest. They were rewarded with a third place award, and the school will recieve a $300 gift from the contest. One of the purposes of the class was to show WA videos to the public. Click here to read more and watch the winning video.


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