Non-Denominational Private High School in West Chicago
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About Us

Wheaton Academy was founded in 1853 and continues as one of the oldest and most respected private Christian high schools in America.

Wheaton Academy is characterized by high academic standards, Christian growth, a mature student culture, opportunities for leadership, a focus on service, a beautiful 50-acre college-style campus and consistently positive parent and student feedback.

Wheaton Academy offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, an innovative January term, and comprehensive co-curricular programs. Over 50 churches are represented in the Wheaton Academy community, as well as over 55 international students from around the world, bringing diverse perspectives and insights that enrich student learning and Christian growth.

Students are spiritually challenged through the entire curriculum, weekly chapels, and co-curricular activities , as well as numerous opportunities to practice their faith through serving others. Our distinctives guide our curriculum as we seek to help students develop a biblical worldview and experience the integration of faith and learning in the various disciplines of study.