Mission and Vision

The mission of Wheaton Academy is to nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God.

Growth . . .

The Bible uses agricultural pictures to illustrate Christian growth and education. This organic imagery contrasts with the factory model of education that spawned the modern day high school. Our school’s roots go back to the colonial tradition of the academy. This was a specialty school focusing on life preparation for the individual student. In this context of a Christian Academy, we seek to see each student develop individually and uniquely so that they will, with God’s help, grow into the likeness of His Son.

Relationships . . .

We desire that each young person have a growing and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We desire that each student has caring relationships with parents, peers, and teachers. We believe that if a student is in a right relationship with God and those around him, then he can truly be in a right relationship with himself. These relationships also help young people to make the right choices during their high school years as they emerge from the turmoil of adolescence to the challenges of adult life.

Excellence . . .

Excellence in God’s eyes is doing one’s best. This is in contrast to the world’s standard of having to be the best. It is important in the development of self-esteem that goals be set at a challenging, but not impossible, level. As a young person experiences success from his or her best effort, even more, effort is exerted toward continued success. We believe in challenging students with this model of excellence so that they can achieve the goal of doing their best in their academic pursuits, extra-curricular activities and in their service to others.

Service . . .

Here we follow the example of Christ in helping each student toward a truly Christian world-view. The witness of Jesus Christ who came “not to be served, but to serve” stands in stark contrast to a society often characterized by indulgence and self-gratification. We believe that only in following God’s call to service can one find true fulfillment. It is also in following that call to service that one can also demonstrate leadership. Christ again becomes the model of a leader to whom we point our young people. As a school, we attempt to teach this by serving the students that are entrusted to us. We then can challenge them to serve others in their home, church, school, and community.

To the Glory of God . . .

The Bible instructs each believer to do everything to God’s glory. As a Christian school, we too must measure every activity by this high standard; does it bring glory to God? While the world may hold out many standards and definitions for relationships, excellence, and service, we have the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to help us define these missions in terms of what will ultimately grow young lives to the glory of God.



Develop a personal, vibrant, and growing relationship with Christ


Adopt and cultivate a thoroughly Biblical worldview


Discover, explore, and practice their God-given gifts and abilities


Acquire the knowledge and wisdom students will need for further study and be prepared to represent Christ in their life calling

Outcome 1: Develop a Personal, Vibrant and Growing Relationship with Christ

1-A Understands the gospel, salvation, and their identity in Christ

1-B Demonstrates growth in their faith – either by becoming more open to the Gospel or by growing in their faith (depending on their point of entry)

  • Knows how to present the Gospel to others

  • Understands and practices spiritual disciplines such as devotions, personal Bible study, and prayer
  • Understands and pursues spiritual maturity and a deepening dependence upon the Holy Spirit
  • Is involved in a local Christian community/church

Outcome 2: Adopt and cultivate a thoroughly Biblical worldview

2-A Can explain being created in the image of God

2-B Can articulate and defend a Biblical worldview

2-C Demonstrates application and relevance of a Biblical worldview to daily decision making

2-D Knows how to dialog effectively with those who hold other worldviews and understands others’ viewpoints and perspectives on life

2-E Knows and is able to articulate differences between Christianity and other worldviews

2-F Lives out the values of our Wheaton Academy Kingdom Community

2-G Respects individual differences, valuing each person as God’s creation by understanding and appreciating people of different cultures

2-H Possess a mastery of Biblical literacy

Outcome 3: Discover, explore, and practice their God-given gifts and abilities

3-A Understand utilizes spiritual gifts and identifies personal strengths and talents

3-B Develops skills related to leadership and influence

3-C Utilizes gifts and talents to serve others generously

3-D Cultivate and share artistic, musical, and academic abilities/appreciation

3-E Develop and maintain disciplined mental, physical and personal health/habits

3-F Cultivate athletic skill and ability and or being a great fan and supporter

Outcome 4: Acquire the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom necessary for further study and to become prepared to represent the Lord effectively in their life calling

4-A Critical thinkers who are able to make rational arguments, evaluate other perspectives/ideas (strong reading comprehension skills), and can express these ideas in writing and speaking

4-B Analyze, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize concepts within various disciplines

4-C Manages technology and how to use it effectively for productivity, communication, and creativity in a God-honoring way

4-D Possess key 21st century skills including collaboration, innovation, creativity

4-E Problem solvers who utilize appropriate problem-solving strategies and create original solutions for authentic and relevant problems

4-F Demonstrate college readiness traits – perseverance, self-control, social intelligence, passion, gratitude and hope

4-G Demonstrate the academic competence that is required for next level of academic pur-suit and is well prepared for standardized academic testing