Setting a Biblical Foundation

The Bible Department will equip you to reflect Christ in your inner spheres of influence long after you graduate from Wheaton Academy. Courses are designed to equip you with the skills to study, interpret, and apply the Word of God to your personal relationship with Christ. The curriculum is designed to root and establish you in your faith while equipping you to grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding. You will learn what it means to walk in a manner pleasing to the Lord while increasing in spiritual wisdom and understanding. You will be equipped to identify and apply a Christ-centered Biblical worldview while being equipped to personalize, articulate, apply your faith in your circles of influence.



I believe that students are radically transformed by the power of the gospel when they encounter Christ through the working of His Holy Spirit.

Tate Fritz
Bible Faculty

Our Core Bible Curriculum

Foundations of Faith

Freshman year, we lay the foundation for our Bible curriculum. A full understanding of the Bible rests on a knowledge of the Old Testament and how it points to Jesus in the New Testament.

Spiritual Formation

Armed with an understanding of the totality of Scripture, sophomore year focuses on the question, “How do believers grow in their faith?” You will learn the difference between justification and sanctification as you learn to practice spiritual disciplines.

Life of Christ

Junior year, we spend time working through the four Gospels so we can respond to the question Jesus posed to His disciples in Phillipi—“Who do people say that I am?” We believe that this question is the most important question a person will ever have to answer, so we spend a semester preparing you to answer it for yourself.

Doctrine and Apologetics

As a senior, you will study the fundamental beliefs of Christianity. Our goal is for you to know exactly what a person who lives a life committed to Scripture believes.

Meet Your Bible Teachers

Faculty Spotlight: Charity Moon

I’m passionate about teaching Bible because of the transformative power, comfort, hope it has brought in my life. More >

Tate Fritz

Faculty Spotlight: Tate Fritz

My favorite moments with students are when they vividly encounter the truth of Scripture either for the first time or in a fresh way that they never have before. More >

The High School Roadmap

Find course progression information and sample schedules that demonstrate the breadth of customization available to Wheaton Academy students.