Creativity and Logic in Your Devices

With so many jobs in the 21st century available to those in computer or computer related fields, Wheaton Academy is committed to exposing you to different aspects of computer science. The Computer Science department has courses in both theoretical and applied computer science, and has opportunities for those who just want to experience the basics in computer science all the way up to preparing for certification in the IT world. Critical issues and ethical issues faced in today’s society are addressed from a biblical worldview in these courses.



Course Highlight

3D Design

Learn how to properly design an object in a 3D computer drawing program and then bring your design into existence using our 3D printers and laser CNC machine.

I believe that Computer Science trains a person to think in logical and creative ways to solve a myriad of problems.

Zach Stolter, Computer Science Faculty

The High School Roadmap

Find course progression information and sample schedules that demonstrate the breadth of customization available to Wheaton Academy students.