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The English Department places a strong value on both literature and writing. Courses in the English curriculum will develop your oral and written communication skills, preparing you to function effectively in the world. In addition, the study of great literature will provide you with the opportunity to examine key life questions, to appreciate the value of story, and to enhance your reading skills. A strong emphasis is placed on developing critical and analytical writing skills in all English classes.





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Cross-Curricular Course Highlight

The Ethics of Science & Storytelling

Can a person’s biological makeup be separated from the story of her life? When a person dies, who gets to tell her story? In this course, we ask these questions as biologists, readers, and writers entering this ongoing debate by examining the nature of personhood at the intersection of science and story.

Meet Your English Teachers

Trish Main

Faculty Spotlight: Trish Main

I believe that good communication skills are essential for both personal relationships and careers; therefore, English classes are vital. More >

Matthew Dominguez Wheaton Academy

Faculty Spotlight: Matthew Dominguez

I love the moments when a student lingers after class to tell me, “I used to hate Shakespeare, but now I love stories,” or “I don’t think I’ve ever understood grace before, and this class helped me.” That’s why I do what I do. More >

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