Building Logic and Reasoning Skills

The Mathematics Department seeks to help you develop the skills you need to understand key concepts in mathematics. Through the study of mathematics, you will learn how to think logically, creatively, and analytically. The field of mathematics displays a miracle of applicability and order by which you may better understand the attributes of God.





Math Progression

Using the graph as a reference, all students start at the center and move outward. When students demonstrate mastery at one level, they are ready to take a course in the next level. Once they have mastered Extended Algebra, students may also choose to take multiple courses at one level such as Precalculus and Statistics.


Students entering Wheaton Academy are placed in math courses based on two criteria: the student’s 8th-grade math enrollment and the score earned on the math placement exam. Freshmen may start their math sequencing at any level within the graph above if mastery of key skills in the graph’s previous level is demonstrated through the math placement exam.

Meet Your Math Teachers

Izzy Case Wheaton Academy

Faculty Spotlight: Isabelle Case

My teachers motivated me to become a teacher. I’ve had many significant experiences during my education, some positive some negative, some encouraging and some discouraging. More >

Chris Felinski

Faculty Spotlight: Chris Felinski

Math is incredible in the fact that it can be used to represent the reality we live in. Understanding math reminds me of the Creator of the world and that He is in control of everything – that all this didn’t work out by slim chance. More >

The High School Roadmap

Find course progression information and sample schedules that demonstrate the breadth of customization available to Wheaton Academy students.