Visual & Media Arts - Wheaton Academy
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Visual & Media Arts

At Wheaton Academy, you will have the opportunity to develop the studio disciplines of drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture as well as the media disciplines graphic design, photography and video. Whether you are a beginner just “checking things out” or a serious artist looking to develop a professional level portfolio for your college application, there is a place for you in our art department. You will receive differentiated instruction based on your unique needs and experience and receive frequent feedback from your teachers and peers to direct the progression of your work in real time.



Visual Arts Courses

Intro to Ceramics
Intro to Illustration
Intermediate Ceramics
Intermediate Illustration
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Illustration
Pre-AP Studio Art
AP Studio Art

Media Arts Courses

Intro to Media Arts
Video Production
Graphic Design I
Sports Broadcasting
Advanced/Competitive Video

Course Highlight

Sports Broadcasting

In this class, you will learn the technical skills to film, edit, and broadcast each sport. You will participate in our athletic livestream broadcasts throughout the semester and build a highlight reel. 

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