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The Art of Competition

This class is structured around competition. What it means to be a competitor who loves and glorifies the Father. The whole class will be a competition, with the winner receiving a gift card to a place of their choosing. Each day we’ll have an individual competition so individuals can get points, and then we’ll have team competitions so the all members will get points. We’ll be discussing some pretty crucial and hidden aspects of being a competitor. Not all competitions will be physical, we’ll test knowledge, we’ll test cooking ability, we’ll attempt to cover a wide range of competing. We’ll also watch a few movies that deal and discuss with some hidden aspects of competition: Race, classroom, home life, upbringing etc.

The objective of this class is to learn how to worship through competition. We’ll never quite obtain it, but we’ll endlessly and relentlessly strive for it. This class is for men only. Come with an appetite to have fun, to grow, and to compete. My prayer for this class is that it’s just fuel to the fire.


Instructors: Elliot Thompson
Course Fee: None
Course Requirements/prerequisite: None
Open to: Males Only


Amy Heavey

Winterim Coordinator

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