Winterim Trips 2020 - Wheaton Academy

Winterim Trips 2020

In addition to the many classes and internships, Wheaton Academy strives to provide unique opportunities to grow in relationships and service across the globe through trips.  Going on a Winterim trip with Wheaton Academy is a chance to bond with staff and other students in a concentrated manner outside of the normal classroom environment.  Most of the trips offered each year are introduced to the student body in the spring semester for the following January.  This timeline allows trip sponsors to make the necessary preparations.  In the fall semester, there may be a few additional trips presented to the student body.

Winterim dates are January 6 – 17, 2020.  Some trips may require weekend travel, and some trips may use the first few days of Winterim to team build and prepare for the trip.  Exact dates for each trip will be available as Winterim 2020 draws closer.

Each Winterim trip has a clear purpose to ensure that Wheaton Academy provides a balance in our Winterim curriculum and to communicate a clear expectation for each trip’s activities and mission. Each trip leader has designated the purpose of each trip on the individual trip pages. See the below description to further clarify each purpose:

  • Educational: The purpose of the trip is to use travel to strategically expose our students to academic lessons that enhance their learning experience.
  • Adventure: The purpose of the trip is to teach the students skills through hands-on adventure and experience.
  • Leadership Development: The purpose of the trip is to strategically train and equip students with leadership skills through experiences in another environment or culture.
  • Faith in Action: The purpose of the trip is to provide an opportunity for students to step outside of themselves as they put their faith in action through interactions with other people and cultures.
  • Service and Mission: The purpose of the trip is to provide an opportunity for students to physically serve and live amongst people in an impoverished community to primarily be the hands and feet of Jesus.

We are pleased to offer so many interesting and exciting Winterim trips in 2020!  Please be sure to click on the trip name on the right side of this page to read about the trip description, trip leader, approximate student cost, grade/gender, and other prerequisites.  If you have questions about a specific trip, please contact the trip leader listed.  If you have any questions on any of these policies or Winterim trips, please contact the Winterim Trip Coordinator, Mrs. Heavey.