Culture and Art of Italy - Wheaton Academy

Culture and Art of Italy

If you love pasta, pizza, coffee, and lots of gelato this trip is the one to take. We will be going to Rome, Florence, and Naples Italy. This is a trip to see the amazing art and beauty of Italy. We will visit the Colosseum, the Vatican, and see the famous David statue. We will also spend a day doing work on the streets of Naples with refugees that come from all over the world. This trip includes Florence, Italy as well with its amazing cathedrals and artwork. You will be immersed in Italian culture as we spend time in the coffee shops, bakeries, amazing restaurants, and cathedrals. Come see our favorite place in the world!

Families that wish to have their students participate in and attend any WA trip that requires a family financial contribution must first have their tuition account current at the time of application and until the trip departure.

Trip Leaders: Mr. Kiernan Mack & Mr. Jim Holtrop

Location: Rome, Florence, and Naples

Student Cost: Approximately $4000

Applicants must be:  Grade 10, 11 or 12 (in fall of 2018)

Open to:  Male and Females

Maximum number allowed on trip:  32

Purpose/Goal:  Educational

Prerequisites:  Students must be comfortable with international travel, must be able to walk long distances for a long period of time, and must be able to easily adjust to schedule changes.