Guatemala: Missions and Music - Wheaton Academy

Guatemala: Missions and Music

Missions & Music in Guatemala is a missions trip designed to give students the experience of using their gifts to proclaim the love and good news of Jesus Christ to the people of Guatemala. The trip is open to two types of students: 1) Students who are interested in using their skills in Spanish to run outreach events to Guatemalan children and youth, and 2) student musicians (who needn’t speak Spanish) who are interested in using their skills to perform concerts in Guatemalan cities and villages while also using the concerts as a platform to proclaim the gospel. Students will meet during the first semester to prepare material for the trip.  Because this is a missions trip, students will be eligible to raise funds toward the cost of the trip.

Students should be either Spanish students (comfortable running VBS activities in Spanish) or music students (comfortable preparing concert performances), students must have a willingness to do bilingual/cross-cultural interactions, and students must have a history of others-centered interactions and service in music or Spanish classes at Wheaton Academy

Families that wish to have their students participate in and attend any WA trip that requires a family financial contribution must first have their tuition account current at the time of application and until the trip departure.

Trip Leader: Mr. Steve Willemssen

Location: Mision El Faro, Guatemala

Student Cost: Approximately $2,100-$2,500 pending airfare

Applicants must be: Grade 10, 11 or 12 (in the fall of 2019)

Open to: Male and Female

Maximum number allowed on the trip: 12

Purpose/Goal: Service and Mission (eligible for fundraising)