Spain - Wheaton Academy


The best stories are those filled with passion, laughter, vulnerability, and joy. Become a storyteller through experiencing the beloved culture of Spain in its purest form on this all-girls trip to Madrid! With a culture as rich as its history, immersion will begin with apartment living in the center of the city and continue on to experiencing Spanish history through the arts, theater, venturing through local markets, literary immersion, European sports, and hands-on culinary experiences. Reading and journaling in charming cafés paired with traditional siestas will preserve time for serenity as we seek to build community with one another and nourish our relationships with the Lord. On this adventure, your feet may carry you through the many streets of Madrid, but your heart will be graced with the opportunity to become part of this rich culture known for its friendliness, notably preserved beauty, and colossal history. We hope you will join us as we write the story of our adventure together!

Families that wish to have their students participate in and attend any WA trip that requires a family financial contribution must first have their tuition account current at the time of application and until the trip departure.

Trip Leaders: Mrs. Wendy Hardy and Ms. Brigitta Engebretsen

Location:  Madrid

Student Cost: Approximately $3,500

Applicants must be: Grade 10, 11 or 12 (in the fall of 2018)

Open to: Female

Maximum number allowed on trip:  16

Purpose/Goal:  Educational

Prerequisites:  Students must be comfortable with international travel, must be able to walk long distances for a long period of time, and must be able to easily adjust to schedule changes.