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Affordability & Financial Aid

Wheaton Academy is committed to partnering with families to make Christian education affordable.

Our goal is to work with each family’s unique financial situation in order to provide the assistance needed to allow their student to attend Wheaton Academy.

Introducing The Affordability Initiative

Wheaton Academy is committed to accessibility for families at all income levels. The Affordability Initiative allows families to apply for reduced tuition based on their financial circumstances. By receiving a tuition reduction, families pay the amount of tuition that makes sense for their financial situation.

Download the Affordability Initiative packet for comprehensive answers to your most pressing questions:

  • How do I know if my family is eligible for the program?
  • What if my family doesn’t qualify for the Children’s Tuition Fund? Is there still aid?
  • What is the Children’s Tuition Fund and does my family qualify?
  • How does my family apply for a tuition reduction?
  • If my family pays a reduced tuition this year, will we pay the same amount in future years?
  • Are students who are offered admission offered tuition reduction if their parents qualify?
  • How do families consisting of multiple households file for tuition reduction?


Applying for Aid

Wheaton Academy offers need-based financial aid through several avenues, all available through the generous contributions of our donors. Financial aid packages are determined through a comprehensive evaluation of your financial health, the number of applicants, and funds available.

Step 1 – FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Application  [Opened November 1, 2018]

All families wishing to be considered for a financial aid award for Wheaton Academy must complete a FACTS assessment. FACTS is a third party vendor who collects financial information, conducts analysis, and provides a recommended aid award based on demonstrated need.  Click here for information about the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment process.  Please note there is a fee of $35 payable to FACTS when submitting the application.

Step 2 – Children’s Tuition Fund Application (if applicable)  [Opened January 8, 2019]

In addition, some families may qualify for scholarship funds through the Children’s Tuition Fund (CTF). If you qualify, please select the box on the FACTS application granting CTF access to your financial information so they can determine the award amount. Each family will also need to fill out the CTF application, which will be available beginning January 8, 2019.

Do I qualify for aid via Children’s Tuition Fund?

You may be eligible for this program if your household’s income does not exceed 300% of the federal poverty level or 400% for returning families who received a CTF scholarship in the 2018-2019 academic year. Enter your household size and adjusted gross income from line 37 of your most recent tax return below to determine the maximum amount of aid your family is eligible for through CTF. You can also view information about federal poverty guidelines here.  If your family qualifies, it is required that you complete the CTF Application.

Step 3 – Need-Based Scholarship Application  [Opened January 23, 2019]

Beginning in January, students will have the opportunity to submit applications for Need-based scholarships.  Need-based scholarships are provided through our endowment and are awarded to students who complete the application and meet the criteria set up by the endowment.  Applications are CLOSED.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions on how to apply for aid, click here.

How Aid is Awarded

Once your FACTS application and all supporting documentation are submitted, FACTS will process the application and provide Wheaton Academy with a report recommending an award amount.  The Financial Aid Committee will take into consideration the following information:

  • FACTS award recommendation
  • Extenuating information as provided by the family on the application
  • Student’s academic and behavioral standing
  • Student’s and family’s contribution to the Wheaton Academy community (or potential contribution)
  • Completed volunteer/service hours

Once the committee determines the award amount, Wheaton Academy will send families correspondence advising them of their complete financial aid package for the 2019-2020 school year. For new students, financial aid award letters are distributed only after the student has completed the admissions process and been accepted to Wheaton Academy.

Important Items to Note:

  • Please note over 80% of our financial aid is awarded by March 15 each year so we encourage families needing financial aid to submit their applications as soon as possible.
  • Financial aid awards are good for one school year only, all families (returning and new) who would like to be considered for financial aid MUST complete a financial aid application each school year.
  • Only one financial aid application should be completed per household.
  • Tuition accounts for returning students must be current before the family will be considered for financial aid.
  • Families may submit a financial aid application with required documentation at any time during the admissions process, but consideration and awarding of the financial aid will not occur until all requirements for admission have been completed.

If you have any questions about financial aid, please contact Pamela Larsen, Business Manager at