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Transfer Applications

Each year, Wheaton Academy welcomes transfer students in all grades pending current enrollment and class size. Students can transfer into Wheaton Academy in January as a second-semester transfer or in August as a fall-semester transfer.

We want to partner with families as they consider the possibility of transferring  to Wheaton Academy, and we understand that the application timeline for freshman applicants is not always conducive to the application timeline of a transfer student. Below is a general timeline for our transfer application season, but please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office regarding your specific circumstance.

We encourage transfer students to shadow a current Wheaton Academy student during the application process.

Furthermore, we encourage all transfer students who are interested in participating in athletics at Wheaton Academy to ask our Admissions Office about IHSA eligibility rules during the application process.

If your student has previously applied to Wheaton Academy, we still need the student to complete a new transfer application. Please contact with Admissions Office if you have any questions about this requirement.

Info and Application

Second-Semester Transfer for January start:

October 3: Transfers can apply for second semester
October 23: Start Interviews for Transfers for second semester
November 20: “Final” Admissions Committee Meeting about Transfers for second semester
December 1: Transfers families are notified with decision for second semester
December 14: Transfer deadline to enroll for second semester

Fall Semester Transfer for August start:

February 14: Fall transfer application opens
March 12: Interviews for fall transfers began
April 11: Financial Aid Application Deadline for Transfer Students
April and May: Fall Transfers families are notified with decision
April and May: Fall Transfer deadline to enroll
This timeline may extend into June pending availability and enrollment.