Online Student Showcase - Video Download - Wheaton Academy
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Video Recording of Admissions Event

As you consider Wheaton Academy, we invite you watch the video recording of our Online Student Showcase Night.

During this 1-hour video you will hear from Wheaton Academy Principal, Vice Principal, and Director of Admissions, as they explain our vision for your student’s freshman year, offer some practical tips for you to consider, and recommend immediate next steps you can take. There is also a recorded Q&A at the end of the session.

Your student is welcome to watch the video with you. It is designed to help inform parents, but we welcome students to hear this information as well!

Questions we will answer in this video:

  • How does Wheaton Academy use the placement test to customize student schedules? When does my student take the placement test?
  • What elective courses are available to freshmen? What is a common freshman schedule? How can our family maximize course offerings each year? How does Wheaton Academy support my student in this course selection process?
  • How will Wheaton Academy help my student connect with other freshmen? How will the school help my student transition into high school?
  • How can parents partner with Wheaton Academy to make sure freshman students start well?