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We opened the floor to your frequently asked questions, and then gathered department heads, parents and students, and even community leaders to discuss the answers! The Wheaton Academy Q&A series gives you an in-depth look at our community, our philosophy of education, and even answers the question “Is it worth it?” 

We’re glad you’re here and we hope you find these sessions helpful. And please reach out if there is a question that has still not been answered.

Students worship in the White Chapel

Academic Opportunities

Available by September 24

This week we will be talking about academic opportunities at Wheaton Academy. We have established curriculum to challenge and transform students while they are at Wheaton Academy.

Student Life & Co-Curriculars - Get Involved!

Available by October 22

Student life at Wheaton Academy offers some of the best high school experiences a student could ever have. From our award-winning director of special events, clubs and co-curriculars, athletics and our spectacular spring musical, Wheaton Academy has something for every student! Join us and learn more about the amazing opportunities you will have at Wheaton Academy.

Beauty and the Beast
Students worship in the White Chapel

Spiritual Life &
Why Wheaton Academy

Available by November 19

At Wheaton Academy, we believe a solid spiritual foundation is the key to our students’ future success and impact on the world.Join us for this conversation to hear how Wheaton Academy promotes the nurturing of the spiritual life of each student.