College Readiness - Wheaton Academy
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College Readiness Curriculum

The mission of Wheaton Academy is to “nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God.”

This growth occurs as students develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, understand and adopt a biblical worldview, discover their God-given gifts, and equip themselves for further study as well as for their vocation.

At the heart of our mission is the goal that all our students will leave with a personal relationship with their Savior Jesus Christ. The curriculum, programs, teachers, and activities are all ultimately designed to help students grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We want our students to understand the truth that Jesus Christ permeates all that we do, transforming even our approach to scholarship.


Biblical Worldview

We are committed to teaching the meaning of a biblical worldview and to teaching every subject from the perspective of that biblical worldview. The goal of this instruction includes the development of two primary skills: recognizing perspectives contradictory to a biblical worldview and engaging in productive discussion with those who do not adhere to a biblical worldview.

Character Development

In the world of education, a significant push is emerging, a push toward educating students to have good character. The demands of the “high stakes testing” that pervade public education have not proven to develop students who are successful outside the classroom environment; rather they have created a generation of students with informational knowledge and even academic skills who are not able to survive in the “real world” (Tripp 160). Wheaton Academy has always acknowledged the importance of character—not as an end but rather as a reflection of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. However, we also agree with current research trends revealing that students must be equipped with valuable dispositions that not only will help them to navigate school but also will equip them with the skills necessary to navigate life (U.S. Dept. of Ed. report 21). The essence of those skills in published lists could be summed up with the following: grit, resilience, self-control, conscientiousness, optimism, social intelligence, curiosity, and gratitude (Heckman, Duckworth, Peterson; Tripp 75).

Not surprisingly, these values are variants or forms of the character traits advocated in Scripture. In our pursuit to ensure that our students are ready for college not only in academics but also in the necessary “soft skills,” Wheaton Academy is seeking to train and equip students in six primary areas: perseverance, social intelligence, self-control, gratitude, passion and hope.