Project LEAD – Wheaton Academy

Project LEAD

Wheaton Academy desires to develop and train leaders, not simply select them.

8 Ministry Teams – 3 Spheres of Influence

Project LEAD is seven teams comprised of seniors who provide service and ministry opportunities for the entire student body at Wheaton Academy. This program promotes, educates, and encourages young people to lead in ways that inspire others to be more like Christ.

The 8 teams include Project LEAD: Cross Cultural, Project LEAD: Global, Project LEAD: Local, Project LEAD: Spiritual Life (Worship), Project LEAD: Spiritual Life (Discipleship), Project IX, Student Council, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The 3 spheres of influence: Wheaton Academy campus, local ministries, and global missions, taking students beyond the boundaries of their comfort zones.

Cross Cultural

Target: Mentoring and Teaching

Purpose: To lead through mentoring relationships at Wheaton Academy.

Execution: The team leads the sophomore mentoring initiative, teaches the student body about topical issues, and invests in student through Bible studies.


Target: Global Service

Purpose: To bring global ministry opportunities to the student body.

Execution: The team is in charge of Project REACH (Relationships, Education, Aid, Christ-centered, Hope). Project REACH is a global partnership with Kids Alive and 25 kids in Haiti and Dominican Republic. This group is responsible for funding monthly sponsorships for these kids and further ministry opportunity in their areas.


Target: Local Service

Purpose: To bring local ministry opportunities to the student body.

Execution: The team facilitates class service days with Puente del Pueblo, Northern IL Food Bank, PADS homeless shelter, Wayside Cross ministry, and Feed My Starving Children. The team also offers monthly service options for WA students.

Project IX

Target: Mentoring Freshmen

Purpose: To lead our student body in engaging the freshman class so that they feel connected right away.

Execution: Seniors are partnered up and assigned a small group of freshmen. They are responsible for building quality relationships with the freshmen in their group, teaching them WA culture, and mentoring them in areas of spiritual growth.

Spiritual Life (Discipleship)

Target: Large Group Spiritual Formation

Purpose: To provide our student body with opportunities of discipleship beyond the structure of chapel.

Execution: The team will share the responsibility of chapel, run junior retreat, work on chapel curriculum, and initiate new forms of discipleship on campus.

Spiritual Life (Worship)

Target: Large Group Spiritual Formation

Purpose: To lead our school in the area of large group spiritual formation.

Execution: The team is in charge of facilitating chapels, shaping chapel curriculum, running four worship nights, class chapels, worship events on retreats, and Spiritual Life Week.

Student Council

Target: School Culture

Purpose: To shape the culture of Wheaton Academy through student activities.

Execution: The team will lead our school in Homecoming Week, the Christmas Cruise, a spring event, and the Senior Trip.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes seeks to see varsity student-athletes live out Jesus’ example of servant leadership by creating opportunities to impact our campus and community for Christ.