PushCoin - Wheaton Academy


In order to purchase a lunch at Wheaton Academy this year, you need to complete the PushCoin Account setup. You will the link to set up PushCoin via OnCampus.
Here is what you need to do:

1) Visit pushcoin.com via your OnCampus account and click on “I don’t have an account”.
2) Setup your account.
3) When you are in the parent view, you need to add yourself to the account.
4) Click on the “Add Student” button in the upper right-hand corner.
5) You will be prompted for a registration code. An example code looks similar to this: CXKS7D7FHV
6) You will be asked to confirm to link your account.
7) After that is completed, you will see yourself as a student on the main page. You can now transfer funds to your account.

To opt out of the finger scanner,
fill out this document.

If you have any questions on the setup of your account please contact pushcoin@wheatonacademy.org

If you have questions regarding the WA lunch program in general, please contact Ruth Lindstedt


Ruth Lindstedt
Ruth Lindstedt

Cafeteria Coordinator; Mail Coordinator