Christian Rivera

Christian Rivera

Spanish Faculty


At WA since 2016

BA Linguistics, Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal

Christian Rivera came to the U.S. from Peru and has experienced both the blessings and challenges of being an immigrant in our community.  He is enjoys helping Wheaton Academy students understand how to connect with and share Christ’s love with their immigrant neighbors, or anyone from a different cultural/economic/language background. Christian has his Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from National University Federico Villarreal in Lima, Peru.  He is completing his Master of Arts in Teaching at Wheaton College.  His hobbies are playing soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, running and swimming.  He also loves reading theology, philosophy, psychology, science and Spanish literature.  He is married to Kim, and they have two daughters – Laina and Liana.  They enjoy the blessing of being a bicultural family and engaging with their English and Spanish communities and families.