Marcia Williamson - Wheaton Academy
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Marcia Williamson

Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director


At WA since 2018
Degree: BA & MA, Wheaton College


Marcia Williamson joins Dawn Hamm in supporting Athletic Director Brad Byrne.  Marcia earned BA in Philosophy and Political Science and a MA in Communications from Wheaton College.  She has a broad and diverse background in church ministry, missions, and technical writing. She and her husband have five children.  She enjoys exercising, cooking, reading, sports, and watching anything British.  Marcia attended a Christian high school in Trumbull, CT, and that is the place where she made her faith her own.  A teacher took the time to listen, answer her questions, and entertain her doubts.  Because of that experience, she firmly believes in a Christian education and the eternal difference that teachers and staff can make in students’ lives.