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Theatre, by its very nature, demands physical movement, calls forth the emotions, brings students into an interactive community with common passions, requires students to engage with written texts intellectually, and asks students to examine life decisions through the spiritual lens of God’s Truth. It is in this way, therefore, that the Academy Theatre seeks to give students the tools to create, that the Creator may see our performing arts as good.

Theater Courses & Groups

This intro level year long course will encourage growth in acting and improvisation, vocal production and basic music skills, choreography and dance. Students will gain a foundational understanding of the skills needed to audition and perform in a full-length musical production that is performed at the end of the semester.

Introduction to Drama Studies
This course focuses on developing first, the actor ; and second, the character through the actor. The course examines the prominent figures in the development of method acting and uses various techniques, exercises, scene studies, and monologues to increase the technical abilities of the student actor.

Advanced Drama Studies
Students will have an onstage and offstage role in a full – length production of a dramatic work in this advanced course. This production helps the actor develop a concrete set of working steps for creating a character, achieving more creativity in rehearsal, developing greater consistency in performance, and translating text analysis into tangible results on stage.

Furnace Company (co-curricular)
Furnace Company is a performing team that specializes in comedy improv and dance. This team is open to all freshmen through seniors and does require an audition. This community of performers strive to use their art to glorify God and further His kingdom.

Being on Improv teaches you about yourself and how you communicate and talk with people. And as you become more aware of what you do in scenes, and then it helps you become more aware of what you do and how you act in real life.

– Joey DiNaso ‘18

How do we choose which shows to perform?

When Christian values and the arts are combined, students are empowered to do something valuable with their performance and their lives.

Philosophy & Selection Criteria


Corbett Burick
Corbett Burick, ’94

Artistic Director; Theatre Department Head


Rachel Chaney
Rachel Chaney, ’06

Communication Faculty; Drama Faculty