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Media Arts

Our 21st century world is demanding well-rounded, innovative and creative individuals.

Collaboration is commonplace. Technology seeps into nearly every aspect of life. Our media arts program seeks to prepare students to meet the challenges of the world they will enter. We teach the 21st century skills – collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity – to add depth to the student, not only as an artist, but also a person.

Specifically in the art, we teach graphic design, photography and television/film. These mediums overlap and intertwine, thus becoming essential to know all of these skills as a media artist. Students are developed through a national art standards framework. We focus on creation, presentation, connection and response. And above all, we strive to teach through a Biblical lens. The Creator of all things imparted the ability to create on humankind. We believe we do not merely have the ability to create, but that all humans have the responsibility to create. Whether it is through our words, actions, or artistic endeavors, we want our students to seek to create positive change in their culture and the world beyond.


  • Intro to Media Arts
  • WAtv
  • Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

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Matt Hockett, ’95

Fine Arts Department Head; Digital Communication Director; Director of Live Video; Fine Arts Faculty