Mr. WA

Saturday, March 13, 7pm

Ten Students Compete for the Title “Mr. WA”

During the live event, you’ll have the opportunity to text in your vote for this year’s Mr. WA.

You can still support KidsAlive when you watch Mr. WA

Over the past several years, Wheaton Academy has engaged in a thriving partnership with Kids Alive International. Each year, the students of Wheaton Academy raise funds to support children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic through events like Mr. WA. Additionally, Wheaton Academy students support this partnership by working in-country with Kids Alive operations in the Dominican Republic and Haiti during Winterim.

Kids Alive International is a Christ-centered organization that believes every child deserves to live free from the bondage of hunger, abuse, and exploitation.

All of the children in Kids Alive’s care were orphaned, abandoned, or abused, living on the streets, and victims of poverty, disease, or war. Kids Alive rescues these children – one at a time – and enrolls them into one of our Children’s Homes, a Care Center, or School program that is best suited to the care they need.