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Seniors: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

Your final week of high school is quickly approaching. We are proud of your work, the way you have persevered during these last few weeks, and most importantly—the way you have matured into men and women of God during your time in high school. Before we usher into a season of celebration as we honor your graduation, we wanted to gift you a final senior experience. We are excited for your future, but we encourage you to look back as you then look ahead to this next chapter. 

Day 1: May 18

Today starts the first of three videos for you to watch. We encourage you to carve out about an hour of time to watch and reflect on today’s content.

As we watch and as we consider what God might have for us, we are challenged to lean into the promises of God rather than the problems of this world.  Using Numbers 13 as our guide, we identify the need for courageous dreaming. 

We are going to create space in the coming days for you to write your courageous dream. However, it is important to first spend time reflecting. Consider the highs and lows of your high school experience. Use the journal and pen in your box to reflect on the following:

  • What will be some of your best memories from high school?
  • What are your greatest areas of growth? What experiences shaped that growth?
  • What are some of the greatest lessons you will remember from high school?

Now, consider the people that helped shape your time in high school. We encourage you to practice gratitude and connect with these people today. Thank them for the role they have played in your life–call them, email them, write them, or spend some time completing the “Gratitude Tributes” to thank WA faculty and staff collectively

Then, get ready for Day 2’s message tomorrow!

Day 2: May 19

Today continues the second of three videos for you to watch. We encourage you to carve out about an hour of time to watch and reflect on today’s content.

As you watch today’s talk, remember the courageous dream is typically followed by some type of confusion before it is achieved.  The Israelites experienced this in Numbers 11 as they were on the journey but had not yet arrived.  What type of people will we be when confusion strikes, and our purpose is challenged?

As the message today communicated, life will be challenging. We all will have our moments of joy, but also our moments of confusion or pain. We need people to encourage us along our journeys. As you begin to look ahead to your life’s next chapter, we wanted to encourage you with messages from your parents, your teachers, or your mentors as you begin to look ahead. You are loved—and we are here to support you launch well.

Then, get ready for Day 3’s message tomorrow.

Day 3: May 20

Today, our messages end with the third and final video. We encourage you to carve out about an hour of time to watch and reflect on today’s content.

Today is the day for you to write your courageous dream. Inviting the King of Kings to be at the center of our dream will provide some of the most redemptive work we could be a part of.  Courage and confusion should lead us back to the One who has a plan for us, one that is greater than we could have ever imagined.

Will you write your one sentence dream, in a way that glorifies the King and invites Him to do His remarkable work?  We encourage you to use the journal and pen again for this brainstorming and creating. Then, use the Bible we gifted you to find and dedicate a few passages of Scripture to this next season of your life.

We will be praying for you, Class of 2020, as you live out your courageous dream for His Kingdom!