Chapel Schedule - Wheaton Academy

Chapel Schedule
2018 Spring Semester

The Courageous Story

February 1 – Eric Bowling, WA Faculty

February 5 – Pastor Jackson, WA Campus Pastor

February 8 – Barry Corey, Biola President

February 12 – Jeff Brooke, WA Faculty

February 15 – Winterim 2019 Reflections

February 19 – Josh Riebock

February 22 – Josh Riebock

My Story

February 26 – Elliott Thompson, WA Faculty

March 5 – Chip Dykema, WA Faculty

The Redemptive Story

March 12– Laurel Bunker, Bethel College Campus Pastor

March 15– Junior Chapel

March 19– Lisa Beamer

March 22– Project LEAD Spiritual Life – Worship

April 2– Brett Crull – Church of the Resurrection Pastor 

April 5– Jill Briscoe

April 12– Reece Whitehead, Willow Creek Wheaton Campus Pastor

April 16– LEAD Discipleship

April 23– Katelyn Johnson, WA Faculty

Special Chapel

April 25– Korean Children’s Choir

My Story

May 3– Rachel Chaney, WA Faculty

The Story of Celebration: Joy

May 7– Jon Jorgensen, Speaker and Pastor

May 10– Tim Blackmon, Wheaton College Chaplain

May 14– Jeff Brooke, Vice Principal

May 17– Kori Hockett, Principal

May 21– Steve Bult, WA Head of School

May 24– Senior Class Chapel

2018 Fall Semester


Our theme for the year will revolve around the word STORY. It is our prayer that this word points us to the grand author and his mighty work for us as fallen people. 
May we build his kingdom and participate in the great story he is writing.


August 21 – Steve Bult, Head of School

August 24 – Kori Hockett, Principal

August 28 – Jeff Brooke, Vice Principal 

A Story Beyond the Expected: Gospel

Father, we pray that our students would understand how the gospel moves us beyond the expected. May our community recognize the incredible gift of your love for us. May your grace empower us to also do life in a way that is beyond the expectations the world places on us.
May we live our lives in response to the gospel! 


August 31Project LEAD Spiritual Life – Discipleship

September 4Eric Bowling, Teacher and Coach

September 7Wess Stafford, CEO of Compassion International

September 11Preston Perry, Speaker, Author, and Apologist

September 14Manny Mill, Speaker, and Author

September 18Brad Thornton, Vice Principal

September 25Kids Alive International

September 28Mattie Montgomery, Speaker and Author

A Story of Purpose: Freedom and Obedience

It is our prayer that we understand our purpose in the story God is writing. Father, help us understand the freedom we have in Christ and the gift of glorifying your name through lives of obedience. May we as your people grow in our obedience so that we can live in the truth that you have for us as people. May you free us from evil and empower us for good.


October 9Matt Hockett, Teacher

October 12Amir, CEO at Joshua Expeditions

October 16John Bowling, President at Olivet Nazarene

October 19Jeff Brooke, Vice Principal

October 23Luke Regan, Teacher

October 26Jon Nielson, Senior Pastor

October 30Ian Simkins, Teaching Pastor

November 2Pastor Mohammad, International Missions

November 6Mark Bergin, Senior Pastor (Chicago)

A Story of Adoption: Identity Declared

Father, you have purchased us through your son Jesus Christ. If we believe in you and follow you then we take on a new identity. Remind us during this series that we are adopted into a new family when we give you our lives. Empower us to live in such a way that firmly places our identity in you rather than the many things of this world. Free us from the things that hold us back in our walk with you. May we know your Fatherly love and live as brothers and sisters in Christ who seek to make our Father’s name famous. 


November 9Paul Arthurs, Senior Pastor

November 12 – Veterans Day

November 16Aubrey Sampson, Local Pastor

November 20Project LEAD Spiritual Life Worship

November 27Charity Renwick, Teacher

November 30Andy Klenke, Teaching Pastor

December 4Scott Reed

December 6 (Thursday) – Annie Downs, Speaker, and Author

December 11Fine Arts Christmas Concert

December 14Project LEAD Spiritual Life – Worship

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