Timeshares for Teachers - Wheaton Academy

Timeshares For Teachers

When Wheaton Academy graduates reflect on meaningful influences on their high school experience, our Living Curriculum Teachers are mentioned almost without fail. Our tireless faculty members are the front-line servants nurturing growth in our students through relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God.

Wheaton Academy invites you, as a friend and supporter of our school, to take part in a partnership designed to offer our teachers much-needed encouragement and support to enjoy a rejuvenating vacation.

Wheaton Academy invites the entire school family the chance to share directly with the Academy’s faithful teachers by sharing things like weeks at an owned-timeshare or time at privately-owned vacation homes.

How does this partnership work?

The goal is to offer a partnership from you directly to each of our teachers, so approximately 45 opportunities are required each year. The list is assembled during the fall semester and made available to teachers for selection (order determined by lottery). After selections are made, teachers contact donors directly to make logistical arrangements. This partnership is a direct gift to the teacher and does not involve a donation of your week to the Academy.

How do I create a partnership?

There are several ways to create a connection for Timeshares for Teachers: