Wheaton Academy delegation visited China to meet with current and prospective families - Wheaton Academy

March 28, 2018

Wheaton Academy delegation visited China to meet with current and prospective families

Leaders connected with parents of current Chinese students, and fostered new relationships with interested families.

Last week a leadership team from Wheaton Academy returned from China after a ten-day visit to meet with current school families and interested prospective students, and to learn more about Chinese culture. The team was led by Brenda Vishanoff, Vice Principal for Student Services and Student Learning, and included: Rochelle Yang, Chinese and Math Faculty, Translator; Steve Bult, Associate Head of School; and Steve Karlson, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

The team visited five cities: Beijing, Qingdao, Xiamen, Guangzhou, and Shanghai and held meetings in their hotel hospitality room with each family.

International Student Program

Wheaton Academy has approximately 45 Chinese students currently enrolled in their four-year curriculum leading to a high school diploma. These 45 students, plus approximately 15 other international students, are hosted in the area by local school and faculty families. A high school education in the United States is attractive to families in China, where college acceptance is challenging. A student receiving an education in the U.S. will acquire the language skills and cultural orientation to navigate the path toward a more accessible college or university education here in America. Often, a private high school is the only option for these parent because of the high enrollment and budget constraints on the typical public high school in the U.S. Parents in China feel the extra costs involved in boarding a student at a private high school affords greater opportunities and chance for future success for their child.