What is a Blue Ribbon?

A Blue Ribbon is the highest award a school in the U.S. can receive. It is awarded by the Department of Education.

Top 15%

In order to apply for the award, a school’s students must score in the top 15% of the state’s test scores.

Schools that receive a Blue Ribbon are recognized for curriculum, co-curricular offerings, school culture, parent & community engagement and the diversity of students served.

0 K

# of Schools in the U.S.

1 %

Are recognized as current Blue Ribbon Schools*

*The Blue Ribbon Award is a 5 Year Recognition


Of this 1%, Wheaton Academy is one of only 11 Private Christian High Schools in America to be currently recognized

This award affirms your school’s hard work on behalf of all students, teachers, and community members to create an inclusive learning environment. Your outstanding work has positively impacted countless students, allowing children from all backgrounds to thrive in their academics and adequately prepare for their futures.
Tammy Duckworth
Illinois State Senator
We recognize and honor your important work in preparing students for successful careers and meaningful lives. As a National Blue Ribbon School, your school demonstrates what is possible when committed educators hold all students and staff to high standards and create vibrant, innovative cultures of teaching and learning.
Betsy DeVos
Secretary of Education