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Student Life

Our student culture is founded on the belief that students who are seeking to live out their relationship with Christ can be treated maturely.

This attitude toward students serves to intentionally create an environment specifically geared to help teenagers flourish. Students are trusted and simultaneously held accountable to be good stewards of their opportunities.

These principles guide our student culture:

  • Focusing on the positive and emphasize the results of doing things right
  • Providing serious accountability to school standards
  • Valuing students’ individual strengths
  • Engaging in active listening
  • Giving permission for students to create, innovate, dream and lead
  • Providing opportunities to impact and understand the world at large
  • Promoting positive peer-pressure for Christ-centered living
  • Treating students with dignity in the process of correction
  • Celebrating success and believing in having fun

Our students get the chance to discover and use their gifts in areas like fine arts and athletics. They experience and celebrate life together at campus-wide events and all kinds of creative social happenings. They participate in worship and authentic community through chapel and small group experiences. They actually change lives and the world as they bring God’s Kingdom compassion and service to His people in our local community and the places of most desperate need in our world.