Setting the Foundation

Spiritual LIfe

“A building’s foundation supports the weight of the whole structure above it. The depth of the foundation determines the height of the building. In the same way, at Wheaton Academy, we believe that a solid foundation is the key to our students’ future success and impact on the world. We partner with parents to set a foundation for each student to flourish both academically and spiritually. As students experience adversity later in life, we trust that their foundation will hold firm and allow them to build a life that is securely supported by a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Steve Bult, Head of School

Chapel is the steady heartbeat of our school

We gather twice a week in a large group spiritual formation space to grow in our understanding of Scripture, to proclaim the name of the Lord, and to reflect on how our lives can continue to shift to follow God in all aspects of life.

Recent speakers include…

  • Lisa Beamer
  • Jill Briscoe
  • Steve Carter
  • Annie Downs
  • Mike Foster
  • Preston Perry
  • Wess Stafford ’67
  • Gloria Umanah
Wheaton Academy students worship in chapel
Wheaton Academy students study the Bible

Bible Curriculum

In a world that is increasingly filled with uncertainty, information, and change, it is so important to build our faith on the bedrock of Scripture. 

A sampling of Bible course work at Wheaton Academy…

  • Study, exegete, interpret, and apply a chosen passage from the Sermon on the Mount
  • Research and debate cultural and theological topics using Biblically supported arguments
  • Take a spiritual gifts assessment and evaluate how the Holy Spirit empowers students in daily life
  • Study and write about the historicity and reliability of the Bible
  • Articulate worldview through a piece of art
  • Memorize Scripture
  • Write a personal doctrinal statement

Discipleship doesn't happen by accident

Our advisory program ensures that every student has a faculty or staff mentor, and it makes space to deliver valuable content beyond a traditional classroom curriculum. In Advisory groups, we provide academic guidance and advocacy, support for college planning, and we build a culture of discipleship and leadership. Groups meet once a week discussing everything from the responsible use of social media to healthy Christ-centered sexuality.

Students pack cans for local food pantry at Wheaton Academy homecoming event

We train leaders

We believe that you have an incredible ability to influence the world around you. The Student Leadership Program at Wheaton Academy will develop and equip you to serve and build God’s Kingdom on our campus, in community, and throughout the world. Everyone has the ability to lead because leadership is serving and positively influencing others. In order to grow as a leader, you will be provided with authentic leadership opportunities at Wheaton Academy.

Serving is who we are

At Wheaton Academy, you will have many opportunities to serve on campus, in our local community, and around the globe. You’ll participate in class service days, be invited to volunteer as a tutor through Puente Del Pueblo, pack food for Feed My Starving Children, and collect cans for Northern IL food bank. You’ll have opportunities to make a global impact on our sponsored children through a partnership with Kids Alive in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, or through our other Winterim Missions trips to Costa Rica, Peru, and Scotland.

Serving is a part of  Wheaton Academy’s mission to “nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence and service to the glory of God.” On our campus, you will learn to serve in the cultural context of a Kingdom Community, where people from different races, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, different learning styles, different denominations, and both women and men come together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to honor one another. People are desperately crying out for justice, healing, and reconciliation, and we believe these are ultimately found through a relationship with Jesus and humble surrender to Kingdom living which involves serving others (Luke 22:25-26).

Students serve in Guatemala during Winterim

Become the person God is calling you to be…

At Wheaton Academy, you will be discipled. You will experience large group and small group spiritual formation. Your classes will be grounded in a Biblical, Christ-centered worldview. You will have opportunities to serve and to lead. You will be shaped by relationships with peers who are pursuing Christ. All of this will shape the person who you become.

Visit our campus Virtually

Take a virtual tour of our campus and join a live Q&A with current students to learn more about Wheaton Academy.