Innovation Spotlights

Wheaton Academy is always providing learning opportunities to meet the demands of the 21st Century. These programs are unlike anything else you will find in this area…

Academy By Design

Academy By Design Cohort

Academy by Design is a flexible, project-oriented, four-year cohort that empowers students to purposefully engage with challenges that matter to them and their communities. Students in this cohort would experience a relatively standard Freshman year; but by Senior year, these students will have immense freedom to shape their schedule around internships, online and alternative courses, collaborative projects, and deep immersion in specific fields of interest.

Wheaton Academy student-run business, the Shack

Business & Innovation

Wheaton Academy’s new Business and Innovation Program launches this fall, providing unique opportunities for students desiring to specialize in Business. Teachers and volunteers at Wheaton Academy are committed to preparing students to be versatile, forward-thinking producers and consumers in a rapidly changing global economy. 

INCubatorEdu at Wheaton Academy

Course highlight: INCubatorEdu is a new year-long course offering authentic entrepreneurship experience as students develop their own product or service start-up.

Global Studies Certificate

Global Studies Certificate

Wheaton Academy encourages students to develop cross-cultural relationships that deepen their understanding that the Gospel is global. Students can receive a Global Studies Certificate designation on their diploma and transcript by completing one of two global studies options outlined in the Curriculum Guide on page 15. Program components may include demonstrating proficiency in a foreign language, serving in a cross-cultural setting, traveling abroad, or hosting an international student.

MASTER Program students build a server

MASTER Program

MASTER stands for Mathematics, Applied Science, Technology, Engineering, and Research. Every student at Wheaton Academy participates in the MASTER Program by taking Math and Science classes throughout high school, but students desiring to specialize in STEM may pursue a MASTER Scholar Designation on their diploma. These students must complete at least 30 credits of MASTER courses as described in the Curriculum Guide on pages 12-13.