In dance classes at Wheaton Academy, you will experience dance as a worshipful and transformative discipline while focusing on multiple dance styles and techniques including tap, ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, and contemporary. You will be challenged not only in your dancing abilities, but also in your self-confidence, creativity, communication skills, and teamwork. Advanced classes offer performances in front of live audiences. 

Furnace Company Dance Team

In addition to taking dance courses, Wheaton Academy students have the opportunity to perform and tour with the Furnace Company Dance Team. The team rehearses three times a week and tours every November. Watch one of their performances below!

Experience Dance at Wheaton Academy

If you are excited to learn more about music programs at Wheaton Academy, we encourage you to attend one of our many Fine Arts events.


Abby Woelfel

Abby Woelfel
Dance Faculty, Furnace Company Coach