Meet the Parent Ambassador Team

Joe & Natalie Angel

We initially chose Wheaton Academy for its superior academics rooted in the Christian worldview. Additionally, during the past few years we have been so impressed with the positive and encouraging environment our daughter has experienced from the community, both students and faculty, at WA.


Student: Mia ’24, Will ’27

Co-curricular: Tennis, Business Club, Student Council

Aaron and Jodi Bauer

We love the strong focus on mentoring and discipleship in all areas of life at WA whether it’s in the classroom, academically, musically, or on the football field. We have seen how the teachers encourage the students, give them opportunities to use their talents/gifts that the Lord has given to them and to challenge them to do all for the glory of God.


Student: Caedmon ‘24

Co-curricular: Football, Basketball, Band, Percussion Ensemble

Iris Bess

As a single parent, it is important that my sons are surrounded by those who share our faith and will pray for and with them. WA's biblical worldview approach to teaching has a powerful impact on them as young men showing them how to live for God in all they do. WA has created an environment that cultivates the whole student providing many opportunities, varying learning styles and resources for them to explore. WA is helping my sons find their God given talents and showing them how to use those talents for His Glory!

West Chicago

Student: Anthony Miles ’24, Isaiah ’22

Co-curricular: Basketball, Volleyball, WaTV, Band

Greg & Krista Blaum

Wheaton Academy was always our plan. Christ-centered education is a priority for us. We fell in love with Wheaton Academy on our first visit. It is such a warm and welcoming environment!


Students: Caroline ’24

Co-curricular: Tennis, Band

Scott & Jennifer Brown

We value the mission of Wheaton Academy and are so incredibly thankful to be here.


Students: Sam ’25

Co-curricular: Varsity Soccer

Fernando & Margaret Ereneta

We chose Wheaton Academy for the strong spiritual formation, which is an apparent goal in the faculty and the school.

Students: Fernando ’19, Vince ’20, Mila ’22, Stockton ’23, Talia ’25

Co-curricular: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball team manager, Spoken word team, Quiz bowl, Project LEAD, Student government, Business club

Joel & Julia Handy

We chose to send our boys to Wheaton Academy after homeschooling because of the Christian worldview and the opportunities available to them both academic and co-curricular. For our kids to be able to encounter new ideas in each discipline within the context of a Christian conversation has been a great continuation for us from what we were striving to do at home. Additionally, our boys have found WA a wonderful place to spread their wings, explore new classes, play sports and perform on stage.

West Chicago

Students: Josh ’22, Peter ’24

Co-curricular: Soccer, Spring Musical

Chris & Gretchen Hupke

At Wheaton Academy, we found that students are provided with endless opportunities for personal, academic, spiritual and social growth in a rigorous, yet overwhelmingly supportive environment. The faculty is extremely invested and dedicated to student success. Additionally, we love that while the students are widely diverse in many ways, they share similar values and faith.


Student: Will ’24

Co-curricular: Wrestling, Business Club, NHS, Project LEAD (Project IX), WA Rep, Soccer (Girls)

Beth & Craig Jarvis

Wheaton Academy values excellence in all aspects of Christian education, but most importantly, Wheaton Academy values people. While at WA, our girls have been challenged academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually while being supported by competent faculty who truly care about each one.


Students: Abigail ’18, Hannah ’19, Karis ’23, Rebekah ’25

Co-curricular:  Student council, WA Rep, Wise team, Puente, Project Nine, Project Lead, Concert Choir, Kantorei, Women’s Chorale, Grace Notes, Volleyball, Furnace, Band, Stage Crew, Musical Theater, Missions Trips, Bible Study and Discipleship

Steve & Heather Karlson

Our family chose Wheaton Academy because of both the mission of WA and the relationships between the teachers and students. “Relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God” describes so well what we desire for our children. The teachers at WA deeply care about our children’s academic, emotional, physical, & spiritual journey. Wheaton Academy partners with us, as parents, in this journey of raising our children.

West Chicago

Students: Jakob ’24, Linnea ’25

Co-curricular:  Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Spring Musical, Choir, Project Lead

Monica & Mike Lanham

We believe Wheaton Academy is a community that encourages growth in young adults spiritually, physically, academically and relationally for the glory of God. It is a special place to our family as all four of our children have attended WA. We are grateful to Wheaton Academy for partnering with us to teach and mentor our kids through this season of life with a Christ centered foundation and advancing them in their preparedness for college and beyond .


Students: Luke ’15, Lexi ’17, Lauren ’20, Lody ’25

Co-curricular: Boys volleyball, Club hockey, Maroon platoon, girls volleyball, Furnace Co, Musical theater, Stage Crew, LAX, Golf, Project Lead, Student Council, Mission trips

Charlie & Lindsey Lindberg

As graduates of Wheaton Academy, we knew that WA would provide a life changing high school experience through its teachers, coaches, and faculty. The staff at WA has intentionally poured into our daughters spiritually, academically, and in their extracurricular activities, creating a community they are excited to be a part of!


Students: Hannah ’24, Megan ’24, Kate ’26

Co-curricular: Soccer, Volleyball, Golf, Project Lead, Stage Crew, Orchestra

Christopher McHugh & Maria Calabria-McHugh

From our first open house experience, it was undeniable the degree of investment the teachers have in the kids; it starts with Mrs. Hockett and permeates the entire school. WA is much more than an exemplary college preparatory school; Wheaton Academy thoroughly prepares students with essential life skills that are crucial for success in every endeavor.

Carol Stream

Student: Mia ’22, Alida ’26

Co-curricular: Furnace Company Dance, Cheer, WA Representative, Student Council

David & Jennifer McNutt

“Our family is thrilled to be part of Wheaton Academy. The Christ-centered curriculum is excellent, the faculty and staff are first-rate, and the mission of the school is clearly articulated and pursued through the integration of faith and learning. We love the community, and our time has been enhanced by getting involved in the music and athletics programs. Wheaton Academy offers an enriching and supportive environment that enables students to thrive in mind, heart, body and soul for Jesus Christ.”


Students:  Priscilla ’26

Co-curricular: JV Tennis (Girls), Craft Club, Orchestra

Adam & Danielle Murrell

Profile is Under Construction. More information is coming soon!


Students:  Dominic ’26


Dave & Jennifer Pierson

Wheaton Academy gifts it’s students with a carefully cultivated faculty and staff who, through both means of education and relationships, inspire our children to grow in their faith. After learning about WA’s International Program, we moved to West Chicago so we could invest in the lives of students from around the world, while raising our own children to learn from and respect all cultures.

West Chicago

Student: Seth ’23, Kyrie ’21

Co-curricular: Volleyball, football, percussion, Be That Girl, Bible Studies, Choir

Christian & Jennifer Poland

We are so grateful to have a school that trains our children in godliness. The weekly chapels and exceptional teachers nurture spiritual growth in each student. They equip students for young adulthood by mentoring, encouraging, and empowering them throughout their high school years.

Glen Ellyn

Student: Gloria Grace ’21, Luke ’23, Elliot ’26

Co-curricular: Worship Team, Tennis, Soccer, Theater, Band, Jazz Band

Carl and Laura Posthuma

We chose Wheaton Academy because the faculty and staff clearly love Jesus and daily strive to share that love with the students. They demonstrate this by how they faithfully sacrifice and serve, giving our students an excellent, Bible based education.


Student: Shannon ’19, Amanda ’24

Co-curricular: Orchestra, Yearbook, the Tech Team, Worship Team

Chuck and Jen Rizzo

We were drawn to WA because of its reputation for excellence in all things, and the extensive opportunities available to students for spiritual, academic, relational, and personal growth. We have found WA to be an extremely supportive environment where our son is trying new things, being encouraged in his strengths, becoming more independent and perseverant, and being educated with a Biblical Worldview.


Student: Josiah ’24

Co-curricular: Band, Jazz Band, Football, Track

Paul & Amber Ryndak

We value that our children are held to high expectations at Wheaton Academy. Our children have been given the wonderful gift of being treated with respect for the young adults that they are. We love the intentional, Christ centered relationships that the faculty and staff are building with all students.

Saint Charles

Student: Jacob ’23, Emily ’25

Co-curricular: Track & Field, Backstage Crew

Ted & Bethany Samulowitz

We were drawn to Wheaton Academy because of the authentic personal faith that was recognizable in the leadership, faculty, and staff from our first interaction with the school. The emphasis on developing each individual student’s unique potential, talents, character, friendships, leadership and faith has exceeded our expectations and been a genuine blessing for our daughter.


Student: Ella ’25

Co-curricular: Chanson a capella, Women’s Choral, Worship Team,
Student Council

Mike & Heather Skopek

Profile is Under Construction. More information is coming soon!


Student:  Jack ’27, Allison ’24


Laura & Scott Swoboda

Wheaton Academy has provided my children a challenging educational setting while at the same intentionally helping to develop them as followers of Christ. The teachers, the extra curriculars, coaches and the life-long friendships created over their four years at WA have been life changing.


Students: Lizzy ’18, Britta ’20, Sara ’22, Sam ’25

Football, basketball (boys), soccer (girls)

Marcy Vandersteeg

We were not thinking of considering WA but God reminded me I had been praying for Christian school for years and WA is a wonderful Christian high school. It has been such a blessing, first and foremost because Christ and faith is important within teacher/administrators/student lives and secondly for how encouraging the teachers are with creativity and innovation (in both the arts and academics).


Students: Vander ’23, Adelaide ’25

Co-curricular: Furnace (improv), Musicals, Robotics, The Server Project, Business Club

Josh & Cheri Younce

For us, there was never really any other choice. Our family was a host family for the international student program several years ago and we were so impressed at the quality of the teachers and staff that are pouring into the lives of students. The robust elective class choices, Summer Academy, Winterim and the commitment to quality onsite and online education options were also key differentiators for us.

West Chicago

Student: Sydney ’24, Jackson ’26

Co-curricular: Soccer, Musicals

Stewart and Katherine Ruch

Wheaton Academy has been a wonderful educational step for our boys who had homeschooled up until high school. The opportunity to be part of a vibrant Christian community, to grow in leadership among peers, to participate in co-curriculars, and to be challenged to grow in a more formal academic setting has been uniquely met by Wheaton Academy.

West Chicago

Student: Christian ’22, Nathanel (Finn) ’25

Co-curricular: Soccer, Musicals, Plays, Band, Jazz Band, Worship Band, Cross Country, Choir

Jay & Alison Gear

We chose WA for it’s emphasis on education with a Biblical worldview. Our desire was for an environment that would provide strong Christian role models and a wholesome environment. At every turn we are amazed at the WA community as a whole and their genuine interest in building up the students and encouraging them to achieve their God-given potential. WA has also been such a blessing to our family by allowing us to host an International student.


Students: Adrian ’24, David (Host Student) ’24

Co-curricular: Percussion, Math Team, Tennis

Eric & Sharon Ogden

Wheaton Academy is a place where my kids are challenged to grow and be their best academically, spiritually, physically and socially. The faculty are dedicated and caring and the variety of co-curriculars is truly extraordinary.

Glen Ellyn

Students: Jacqueline ’22, Colin ’23

Co-curricular: Band, Jazz Band, Football, Volleyball, WA Reps, Student Council, Puente

Jim and Kimberly Rathbun

We chose Wheaton Academy because we value the integration of God's Truth into all aspects of life and learning. Wheaton Academy has provided academic rigor and success against the backdrop of a Christ centered focus that also encourages our kids to grow in their faith.


Student: Hannah ’13, Caleb ’20, Abigail ’24

Co-curricular:Track, Orchestra, Student Council, Baseball, Volleyball, MASTER program, Worship Team, Project Lead, WA Reps, Mock trial, Business club