You've heard a Wheaton Academy education is not affordable? Think again.

Wheaton Academy is committed to partnering with your family to make Christian education affordable.

Wheaton Academy is committed to accessibility for families at all income levels. Our process invites families to apply for financial aid based on their financial circumstances. If families qualify for financial aid, they receive assistance through tuition reduction.

Three Ways to Receive Aid

Wheaton Academy offers need-based financial aid through several avenues, all available through the generous contributions of our donors. Your financial aid package is determined through a comprehensive evaluation of your financial health, the number of applicants, and available funds.


Wheaton Academy

Wheaton Academy contributes to financial aid awards for families who apply and qualify. These awards are funded by generous donations to the school.

Applications open in November.
Step-by-step application instructions can be found here.


Endowed Scholarships

These need-based endowed scholarships are additional financial aid awards provided by the Wheaton Academy Foundation. These scholarships can only be added to a family’s overall financial aid award if a family applies for each scholarship and then qualifies.

Applications open in early November and close in early January each year.


Merit-Based Scholarships

To encourage motivated Christian students, Wheaton Academy offers several merit-based scholarships. These one-time, monetary scholarships of $1,000, are awarded to incoming freshmen who have demonstrated excellence in specific categories.

Applications open in early November and close in early January each year.

How does my family apply for Financial Aid?

STEP ONE: Wheaton Academy uses FACTS® to process all financial aid applications beginning November 1, 2021. FACTS® is an independent school service provider that has partnered with over 11,500 schools. If your family is interested in applying for financial aid, begin the FACTS® application here.

STEP TWO: After your family completes the FACTS® application, you will be required to upload supporting documentation to the FACTS® portal. Required documentation includes: W2, most recent pay stubs per working parent, and tax returns. Wheaton Academy permits families to use their 2020 tax returns to apply for financial aid. 

Please note that FACTS® takes about two weeks to process finished applications and verify submitted documentation. The FACTS® portal will directly email families reminders to complete any outstanding items–so please respond accordingly to those email reminders. 

STEP THREE: If your family is applying for tax credit scholarships, there will be additional applications to complete beyond the FACTS® application starting January 2022. The Business Office will prompt a family to apply if they could qualify.

STEP FOUR: The Wheaton Academy Financial Aid Committee reviews the recommended aid award from FACTS® for accepted students. The Committee then issues a financial aid award package to your family based on the Financial Aid Award Schedule beginning February 15, 2022. This award will be issued to your family through the FACTS® portal. 

STEP FIVE: If your family qualifies and receives a financial aid package, your family must then accept the financial aid award through the FACTS® portal. The aid amount will then be reduced from your family’s 2022-2023 tuition payments, starting in June 2022. 

We are committed to keeping your information safe and secure. All discussions, submitted documentation, and award packages remain highly confidential among the Committee members.

Understanding the Process

Financial Aid timeline

Should I wait to apply for financial aid until after my student is accepted to Wheaton Academy? 

No–we encourage families to apply for financial aid and admission at the same time in order to receive the greatest consideration for tuition reduction. The financial aid application is separate from the admissions application. Review the graphic above to illustrate our timing. 

Please note that Wheaton Academy only awards financial aid to families that have been accepted to our school. Furthermore, the Admissions Department starts accepting students in late November. 

How Much Aid Could My Family Receive?

See financial aid award ranges based on last year’s admissions cycle and get answers to all your most pressing questions:

  • How do I know if my family is eligible for financial aid?
  • How much aid could my family receive?

Financial Aid Timeline


Financial Aid Applications Open

  • All families must complete the main Wheaton Academy Aid application. 

December 31

Deadline for Financial Aid Applications for Returning Families 

  • We encourage new families to follow a similar timeline to be considered for aid awards in February. Financial aid will be limited starting in March 2024.


Financial Aid Award Communication Begins

  • Over 80% of the aid awards will be distributed in February.

Failure to complete the main Wheaton Academy Aid Application & supporting documentation within this timeline could result in a reduced or denied aid award.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our financial aid application process opens in November. Over 80% of our financial aid is awarded by end of February each year, so we encourage families needing financial aid to submit their applications as soon as possible. December 31st is the deadline for returning families. We encourage new families to follow a similar timeline to be considered for aid awards in February. Financial aid will be limited starting in March.

Please note that Wheaton Academy only awards financial aid to families that have been accepted to our school–so we encourage you to apply for admission as you also apply for financial aid. 

Wheaton Academy offers two additional types of scholarships—Need-Based and Merit-Based.

Endowed scholarships are only awarded to families who have first completed an application for financial aid. Then, a brief, additional essay may be required from the family. 

Merit-based scholarships are one-time scholarships of $1,000 awarded only to enrolled students in the incoming freshmen class. Families do not have to complete an aid application; they only need to complete a brief essay as a part of the application.

Illinois passed the Invest In Kids (IIK) Act in 2018, and it ended in 2023.

This scholarship program has been a blessing to our school community over the years. It is a vehicle through which our school has provided over $1 million in scholarships to students each year, and its end has implications to our financial aid program.

We are committed to make Wheaton Academy as accessible as possible to our families in light of this recent change. 

Current families who pay reduced tuition because of financial aid can expect to receive similar levels of funding each year if their financial circumstances remain the same. Typically, families pay part of any annual tuition increase and Wheaton Academy takes on part as well.

However, every family must re-apply for financial aid each year and meet all stated deadlines. 

If the current financial picture for a family changes significantly, the amount of financial aid may be adjusted accordingly to reflect the new amount of demonstrated need.

The Academy is committed to socio-economic diversity; however, we are not able to offer tuition reductions to every student who qualifies for both admission and a reduced tuition. Just as there are more applicants each year than available spaces at the Academy, more families request consideration for financial aid than there are funds available. A student may be admissible to Wheaton Academy but placed in a waitpool for a financial aid award.

Each parent/guardian household must submit a separate aid application along with all tax documents and required forms to be considered for tuition reduction. Consideration of all available resources from both parents/guardians and their spouses will be based upon the family’s ability to contribute, not the willingness to contribute. If there is a court-issued decree stating the percentage of tuition or expenses each parent/guardian is responsible to contribute, that document should be provided to Wheaton Academy. Wheaton Academy will advise our third-party aid program of the percentage of tuition each household is responsible to contribute so they can conduct their assessment accordingly. All financial information is strictly confidential, and at no time will Wheaton Academy or our third-party aid program provide one household’s information to the other. If there is no court issued decree, the Wheaton Academy Financial Aid Committee will determine the total tuition reduction for the student, and it is the responsibility of the parents to determine a payment schedule structure. The Business Office will request submission of additional court issued documentation to guide the process. 

If a parent is no longer involved in the life of the child in any way, please speak directly with the Admissions Office at Wheaton Academy to determine how to proceed.

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