You've heard a Wheaton Academy education is not affordable? Think again.

Wheaton Academy is committed to partnering with families to make Christian education affordable.

Wheaton Academy is committed to accessibility for families at all income levels. The Affordability Initiative allows families to apply for reduced tuition based on their financial circumstances. By receiving a tuition reduction, families pay the amount of tuition that makes sense for their financial situation.

How does my family apply for Financial Aid?

Wheaton Academy uses FACTS® to process financial aid applications. FACTS® is an independent school service provider that has partnered with over 11,500 schools. Families interested in applying for reduced tuition may begin the FACTS® application process as early as November 15. For families applying for tax credit scholarships, there are two additional applications to complete beyond the FACTS application.

Next, the Wheaton Academy Financial Aid Committee reviews the recommended aid award from FACTS® for accepted students. The Committee then issues a financial aid award package to the family for consideration based on the Financial Aid Award Schedule.

Please note that all discussions, submitted documentation, and award packages remain highly confidential among the Committee members.

Financial Aid timeline

Introducing The Affordability Initiative

Download the Affordability Initiative packet for comprehensive answers to all your most pressing questions:

  • How do I know if my family is eligible for financial aid?
  • How does my family apply for a tuition reduction?
  • If my family pays a reduced tuition this year, will we pay the same amount in future years?
  • How do families consisting of multiple households file for tuition reduction?

Four Ways to Receive Aid

Wheaton Academy offers need-based financial aid through several avenues, all available through the generous contributions of our donors. Financial aid packages are determined through a comprehensive evaluation of your financial health, the number of applicants, and funds available.

1. The Wheaton Academy Annual Fund
The Wheaton Academy Annual Fund contributes to financial aid awards for families who apply and qualify.
Start your FACTS Application

2. Tax Credit Scholarships
Families whose income is at or below the 300% poverty level may qualify for a tax credit scholarship. Empower Reservations open January 13th at 6:30 PM and Children’s Tuition Fund applications are now open. Please be sure to fill out your FACTS application for Wheaton Academy as SGO funds are limited.
See If You Qualify
Start your FACTS Application

3. Need-Based Scholarships
Open December 1, due January 31

Need-based scholarships are additional financial aid packages provided by the Wheaton Academy Alumni community. Families who qualify for financial aid awards may also qualify for these need-based scholarships.

4. Merit-based Scholarships
Open March 1, Due March 31

Merit-based scholarships are reserved for the incoming freshman class only. Financial need is not considered for these scholarships.

Financial Aid Timeline

November 15

Financial Aid Applications Open

February 15

Round One of Awards

  • Round one of Academy awards
  • Tax Credit Scholarship awards are announced to Priority Families on a rolling basis

March 15

Round Two of Awards

  • Round two of Academy Awards

April 15

Final Round of Awards

  • Round three of Academy Awards
  • Tax Credit Scholarship awards are announced on a rolling basis to families who do not meet the Priority criteria
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