Help as you navigate Blackbaud Financial Aid Management

Blackbaud Financial Aid produced several video resources to help parents navigate their financial aid online application.

These videos can be found within the application in the upper right corner of each section but are also located here for convenience.  Please consider watching these videos as you apply. We included brief tips found in each video.

Login and Home Screen

  • First, you need to create an account.
  • Once you submit your log in-information, you will receive a verification email from Click the link in the email to verify your account and to log into your Blackbaud Financial Aid Parent account.
  • Once you log-in, please note your application ID is listed under your name on the home page. Your application ID is very important and should be listed on any documentation uploaded into the system.
  • We suggest gathering necessary documentation ahead of time, so you have the correct information accessible as you start the financial aid application.

Household Information

  • Be sure to select “Save and Continue” within each section to save your progress, should you need to revisit the application later.
  • Please enter annual values unless otherwise indicated as you complete the application.
  • Please use legal names as you complete the aid application so the names appearing on this application will match the names Wheaton Academy has on file.
  • Be sure to add all dependents on the financial aid application, not just those applying for aid at Wheaton Academy.
  • In Household Information, within Section B, “Dependent Information,” under the “Annual Tuition Contributions Household” question, please include the amount of tuition you as a family are able to independently contribute to your student’s education. Then, in “Other” field, please input the amount able to be contributed from all other sources (i.e., grandparents, relatives, other non-SGO scholarships, loans, etc.), excluding the financial aid you hope to receive from Wheaton Academy.
  • In Household Information, within Section C, “Select a School,” please enter school code 12646 to represent Wheaton Academy and to avoid searching for the school.

Income & Expenses

  • You will want to have your financial information and supplemental documents available for this section.
  • In “Income and Expenses,” Section E needs to be filled out if any parent or guardian is self-employed.
  • In “Income and Expenses,” Section F only needs to completed if you have monthly income supplementing the annual income you have already recorded in the application.

Assets & Debts

  • In “Assets and Debts,” within Section P, “Current Assets,” you will need to total and input the amount you have in your checking account(s) or saving account(s) if you have multiple accounts.

  • In “Assets and Debts,” within Section S, “Debts,” all amounts should be consolidated and added together when you record the amount.

Special Circumstance

  • These questions are unique to Wheaton Academy, so please answer accordingly.


  • The application costs $45.
  • Once you submit your application, it can be viewed but no longer edited.
  • We do not use unique Family School Codes at Wheaton Academy. Please skip that option.
  • Once you submit the application, the confirmation page will then list what additional documentation your family needs to submit to officially complete your financial aid application.
  • These items can be uploaded under “Documentation” in the main tool bar of Blackbaud Financial Aid Management.

We are here to help you as you apply for financial aid. If you need any other assistance, please let us know!

If you have questions related directly to filling out the application forms, how to upload required documentation, error messages, or other Blackbaud Financial Aid system questions, please contact Blackbaud Financial Aid Customer Service directly at 800-360-8027 or Their service is completely confidential.

If you have any other financial aid related questions, please contact Pat Brooke or Sandy Dede in the Business Office at