Our Mission

The mission of Wheaton Academy is to nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God.

In our culture today, many values compete for students’ attention and allegiance. At Wheaton Academy, we will ensure that your student will encounter a Christ-centered, Biblical worldview in the classroom, on the field, and in Chapel.

The mission of Wheaton Academy is to nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God.

These aren’t just words. Our mission is the heartbeat of our school. We want you to understand the depth of our commitment to this mission—so we asked our administrators to elaborate.


Nurturing growth means that we foster these outcomes in students during their four years at Wheaton Academy…

  • Develop a personal, vibrant, and growing relationship with Christ
  • Adopt and cultivate a thoroughly Biblical worldview
  • Discover, explore, and practice their God-given gifts and abilities
  • Acquire the knowledge and wisdom students will need for further study and be prepared to represent Christ in their life calling

Our guiding principles include: 

  • Students’ education must be holistic—focused on the development of the whole person, heart, mind, soul, and strength (Luke 10:27).
  • It’s our hope that, like Jesus, students grow in “wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).
  • Our faculty and staff partner with parents and the local church to help prepare students for their future.
  • We educate students within the framework of a growth mindset.


Nurturing growth through relationships means…

  • inviting students to encounter Jesus and grow closer to Him
  • ensuring that every student is known, discipled, and challenged in every classroom by every teacher, staff, counselor, coach, and employee
  • calling students to care for, disciple, influence, and sharpen one another in Christ
  • encouraging students to be Kingdom-builders and ambassadors for Christ
  • fostering a culture of welcoming and belonging
  • partnering with parents
  • hiring and training a staff of Christ-followers whose example is a “Living Curriculum”


Nurturing growth through excellence means:

  • stewarding the gifts and abilities that God has given us for His glory
  • maximizing learning opportunities so students grow toward their full potential
  • expecting students to meet high standards for learning and school culture
  • teaching students to persevere through challenge and reject apathy
  • recognizing that true excellence is an obedient offering that brings glory to God
  • resisting the temptation of perfection and instead embracing the freedom of living out your identity in Christ


Nurturing growth through service means:

  • following Jesus’ example, “not to be served, but to serve” (Matthew 20:28)
  • fostering an others-centered mindset rather than a self-centered mindset
  • teaching students to view service as an organic, ongoing part of their lives
  • providing opportunities for students to experience the joy in giving to others as they offer their gifts to build God’s kingdom
  • experiencing the fullness of God’s design for community

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