Living Curriculum Teachers

Luke 6:40 tells us that students become like the teachers who train them . . . that’s why it’s so important that one hundred percent of our faculty and staff at Wheaton Academy are empowered to speak Biblical truth to every student and to model a life of commitment to Christ! Their example is the “living curriculum.”

Living Curriculum Teachers℠ at Wheaton Academy are first and foremost people who understand that all truth is God’s Truth. These teachers guide students through the study of our world and the discipline of thinking critically—two significant acts of worship.

Living Curriculum Teachers℠ understand that students flourish when they have the opportunity to participate in a classroom where there is engaging instruction, compelling content, and many different opportunities for students to express what they know.

Additionally, these Living Curriculum Teachers℠ know that, in the 21st century, learning goes beyond the memorization of facts; instead, our teachers challenge students to solve real-world problems and practically apply what they have learned.

Living Curriculum Teachers℠ invest in students’ character and learning habits. This intentional investment ensures that our students will not only have the knowledge, but also the character traits and skills necessary to be successful in life after high school.