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Tax Credit Scholarships

This year, Wheaton Academy has received generous donations to two scholarship granting organizations (SGOs): Children’s Tuition Fund and Empower Illinois.  We are excited to partner with both organizations as another way to make private Christian high school affordable to families.

These significant scholarships do require a few extra steps since we have partnered with two SGOs, but it is the best way for Wheaton Academy to ensure funds are available for your student.

If you qualify, please complete all four steps below. If you do not qualify for a Tax Credit Scholarship, you can still apply for Financial Aid through Wheaton Academy by filling out a FACTS Application (Step 1).

Step 1: Fill out the FACTS Application

  • When filling out the FACTS form, be sure to click on the “Share with Children’s Tuition Fund button to give CTF access to your application.
  • Documents required for FACTS are:
    1. Most recent tax return
    2. Most recent pay stubs
    3. W-2s

Step 2: Apply at Children's Tuition Fund (CTF)

Applications open on January 9, 10:00 AM CST on the Children’s Tuition Fund website. By applying as early as you are able, you will be considered first and avoid a potential financial aid waitpool scenario.

Step 3: Reserve and Apply at Empower Illinois

To apply to Empower Illinois, you will have to reserve your spot in the application queue. Reservations open on January 15 at 6:30 PM CST.  Applications are available beginning on January 17. Once you have made your reservation, you will receive an email inviting you to apply.

Step 4: Receive Your Scholarship Award

Wait for your award notification. If you qualify for an award, you will receive one award and one rejection. This is because, by law, a student can only receive one tax-credit scholarship. We ask that everyone apply through both organizations since our donors have generously provided funds in both places.

    1. Children’s Tuition Fund will email you with an award notification.
    2. Empower Illinois will email you to inform you to check their EmpowerXChange portal. If you receive a scholarship through Empower Illinois, you will have to login and accept it.

Award Timeline

Priority Families
  • Returning students
  • Students at 185% or below of the published poverty level
  • Siblings of students who have received a scholarship previously

Priority families can expect to receive an award as early as February 1. Awards will be announced on a rolling basis.

Other Families

Families who do not meet the priority criteria can expect to receive an award as early as April 15. Awards will be announced on a rolling basis.


Illinois passed the Invest In Kids (IIK) Act in 2018. Now, Illinois taxpayers are able to make contributions to IIK and receive a 75% income tax credit. 95% of these contributions are then designated by the contributor to private schools, such as Wheaton Academy, through partnering organizations. Then, IIK provides scholarships for qualifying students and expanded school choice for Illinois families. If your family’s income level is at or below the 300% poverty level, you may qualify for a scholarship through Invest In Kids.

Click here to check if you qualify.

While students who qualified and applied for tax credit scholarships for the 2019-2020 school year received one after being accepted and enrolled at Wheaton Academy, we cannot guarantee the same this currently year. Funds are reserved on a first come, first-served basis. We encourage you to apply as early as you are able.

By law, a student can only receive one tax-credit scholarship. If your student is accepted at Wheaton Academy and you qualify for a tax-credit scholarship, you will receive a scholarship from CTF or Empower Illinois. We ask that you apply for scholarships through both organizations so that we can maximize the gifts provided by our generous donors. 

Wheaton Academy is committed to ensuring that the middle and upper-middle class are represented in our student body. If you do not qualify for a Tax Credit Scholarship, you may still be eligible for an award through our other aid offerings. By filling out the FACTS application, you will be considered for financial assistance through Wheaton Academy. 

We realize that this may be a confusing process for you and we want to help as much as possible.  Please feel free to call 630-562-7515 or email Pamela Larsen at with any questions or concerns.