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Uninterrupted Learning

At Wheaton Academy, learning has never been interrupted—it continues to be enhanced in every platform, providing students with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in 21st century society.

Wheaton Academy has been utilizing e-learning platforms since 2014. With six years of experience, we are well equipped to offer students an innovative educational experience amidst this time of uncertainty.

Tour Our Virtual Classrooms

Listen in as our teachers share about what they are doing to keep students engaged in creative e-learning tasks.

In Stem Classes…

In Engineering Design, Students Print Lifesaving PPE on 3D Printers

Peter Sorenson ’21 is printing face shields for hospital workers as part of his final project. Peter reflects, “This project has become one of the most meaningful and rewarding projects I’ve worked on. It brings together so many areas of engineering that I love including design, additive manufacturing, material science, and testing.”
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In Genetics and Biological Research, Student Study Coronavirus Testing Methods

In Genetics and Biological Research, students have been studying the kinds of tests being done on the front lines of our response to the novel coronavirus. Starting with techniques like PCR, which are used to detect virus genetic material in humans during an active infection, and now moving to antibody tests, these students are learning how laboratory techniques can help turn the tide against the disease.
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In Math Classes, Students Experience One-on-One Review

Mrs. Gregersen shares, "This week, I held Zoom review sessions to help students study for the summative assessment they would be taking the next day at home. During my geometry advanced review, I had twelve students logged in and watching. I wish you could have seen them waving and greeting one another. I have also been using Zoom to answer questions in quick 1-to-1 meetings with students."
Experience 1-to-1 Review

In Humanities Classes…

In English, Students Interview Grandparents for StoryCorps

"We are taking what we do best in the classroom—improving communication skills and learning from stories—and using technology to enhance it. Sophomores are recording StoryCorps interviews with their grandparents. Their goal is to sit down and learn something new about their lives and listen to the stories they have to tell."
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In History, Students Zoom with Guest Lecturers from around the World

Meet one of our guests, Mr. Phillips. Mr. Phillips is a Wheaton Academy parent from South Africa. He grew up under apartheid and spoke to students about his experiences and about Nelson Mandela.

In Bible, Students Create Devotionals

In Mr. Musso’s Bible class, Shiloh created a five-day devotional meditation on the gospels. She even included her own artwork in the form of printable coloring pages.
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In Fine Arts Classes…

Students Perform in End-of-Year Fine Arts Showcase

This year's Fine Arts showcase features percussion, jazz band, orchestra, band, concert choir, men's ensemble, women's chorale, grace notes, furnace company dance and improv, visual arts from illustration, media art and ceramics classes, advanced performing arts class and a tribute to the class of 2020.
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Advanced Performing Arts Students Transform Final Production into Radio Theatre

Advanced Performing Arts Students perform “The Pandemic Productions,” a series of five vintage radio shows brought to you a group of student actors who wouldn’t let a pandemic stop them from making good drama. Come listen to The Adventures of Superman, Little Women, Casey at the Bat, The Saint: The Robin Hood of Modern Crime, and Agatha Christie’s The Case of the Missing Client. 
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Art Students Meet for Drawing Sessions and critique

Mr. McCallum shares, "I like my class to be spontaneous, engaging, diverse and humorous. I've been hosting a Google Meet critique where we gather in the 'Fam Zone' to share and encourage each other in what we've created. I'm also live streaming on Twitch where I draw for 2 hours and chat with students who are able to join me. "
@wavisualart on insta

Honoring Academic Achievement

Students take 472 AP Exams

This year, 236 Wheaton Academy students registered for AP exams. We are so grateful and excited that College Board made it possible for students to take their exams at home. This was a huge shift for everyone! Our teachers worked hard to give students a rigorous preparation experience for this year’s new free-response testing format.

Honoring Academic Achievement at Academy Awards

On, Wednesday, May 13 we celebrated the gifts of character and achievement that God has bestowed on our students.
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Senior Tribute

We plan to air a Senior Tribute video to all our seniors on Sunday, May 31—the day that graduation was supposed to take place. We want to mark this important day as it signifies the end of a significant chapter in the lives of our students.
Watch our Tribute to the Class of 2020

What Students have to Say

Continuing to build our Community

When we aren’t able to gather in person, we find creative ways to build community by hosting virtual coffee houses, delivering packages to students, and through fun events like Homestaying.

Co-Curriculars & Clubs

Co-Curriculars continue to meet virtually Check out the video below from a recent Debate Club meeting!
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Celebrating Homestaying

During Homestaying, classes competed for points in daily games and contests. Activities included a photo scavenger hunt, a service project, and even a virtual escape room.
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Performing at Coffee House Events

Coffee Houses are hosted by live emcees and feature dozens of student performances!
Watch A Virtual Coffee House

Finding Creative Service Opportunities

Senior Kelsie Benware spearheaded a project to create a youtube playlist of students’ music performances. In coordination with instrumental classes, students were given the opportunity to record a solo or ensemble to share online. The playlist is being broadcast to Windsor Park residents on a regular rotation.
Our Partnership with WIndsor Park

Broadcasting WAtv

Through WAtv, students produce and broadcast weekly news episodes for the entire student body.
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Delivering Care Packages to Seniors

While we delivered several all-school care packages, one of our favorite deliveries was just for seniors. This package included gifts and instructions for structuring a three-day reflection experience at the end of the school year.
Senior Experience

Technologically Equipped


Wheaton Academy provides a Surface Pro 6 computer tablet to all students

Learning is supported through a robust learning management system and individual Microsoft and Google account for each student.

All students have access to Adobe Creative Suite, WeVideo, Autodesk, Logger Pro and more even while working at home.

Spiritual Life

Throughout this time of uncertainty, teachers and staff have offered not only academic continuity, but spiritual care through prayer, encouragement, class devotions, and even virtual chapel.

Resources from Student Services

Our Students Services team created this resource packet for families. 

Encourage kids to disconnect and take a break from school so that they can come back feeling refreshed and renewed — as long as they are all caught up with their work.  Have fun as a family! Here are some ideas of activities to pass the time during quarantine:

    • Cooking contest (bake something new, most creative meal, best tasting meal from just pantry items, etc.)
    • Meme contest (funniest or most creative wins a prize)
    • Read a new book together
    • Exercise as a family – try Coach Swider’s Strength Challenge 
    • Play games (Ball family favorites include Ticket to Ride and Codenames) 
    • Video games with your kids
    • Family devotional 
    • Get outside! Go for walks together, play soccer
    • Spend time in prayer for one another – check out our prayer wall to read prayer requests from our community
    • Teach your kids a new skill – cooking, gardening, financial planning!
    • FaceTime coffee dates with family and friends 

Free Video for Coping with Anxiety from a Biblical Perspective
From being distant from the Wheaton Academy community to worry about the virus, students have a heightened sense of anxiety. This informational video, made with teens in mind, is meant to be watched by the whole family to facilitate discussions on  healthy, biblical ways to cope with anxiety. Biblical practices paired with clinical research on anxiety make this video a great resource for anyone who feels the need to combat fear with God’s truth.

Passion Planner’s Free Community Resources 
The list from Passion Planner includes several resources for mental health.  In addition to these, we wanted to recommend the Sanvello app. Sanvello offers clinically validated techniques to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.  The app also includes resources for mood tracking, sleep, mindful meditation, cognitive-behavioral therapy strategies, and more. The company has released specific information about anxiety surrounding COVID-19,  and they are currently offering the app for free to the public. 

Additionally, maintaining some routine, getting enough sleep, eating well, and getting exercise are all very important for mental and emotional health.  

More resources:

  • Taking a walk and getting fresh air
  • Intentional deep breathing
  • Calm App – offers free mindful meditations, deep breathing, sleep stories, etc.  
  • Talking to family and friends
  • Journaling
  • Drawing
  • Listening to relaxing or uplifting music
  • Eat a snack, drink some water (stop the “hangry” in its tracks)
  • Weighted blanket
  • Download this PDF for more strategies to combating anxiety

Consider monitoring and/or limiting use of social media.  With more time at home and away from their friends, many will turn to social media more often—adding to feelings of isolation, loneliness, comparison, anxiety, self-consciousness, etc. 

It can be tempting to allow more freedom without the normal routine of school drop-off.  However, sticking with normal mealtime/bedtime routines can help kids have some predictability in a very unpredictable situation.  This also helps them get enough sleep, which we all know helps everyone involved!

Here are a few articles that talk about setting up routines and their importance, especially during this time. You may need to modify some of the suggestions due to the ages of your children, but they are still helpful.

Why Kids Need Routines

10 Reasons a Daily Routine is Important

Student Services

As we walk through these circumstances, students will have a variety of reactions, including stress, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions. Wheaton Academy’s Student Services team is available to support your student. We are continuing to meet students’ academic and emotional needs. If you need to reach one of our staff members you can email:

What Parents have to Say

Jesus Calms the Storm

A few months ago, I asked my colleagues in the science department what their favorite miracle was. I was pleased and surprised to find that we agreed that, “Jesus, calming the storm” was the most popular and certainly significant among the miracles that Jesus performed. For me Jesus calming the storm stands apart from the other miracles. You see Jesus commanded inanimate objects, atoms and molecules in motion (both in the gas form and the liquid form) to be, “still”. To be exact about it he said, “Peace! Be Still!”. For those that have studied science, this command of our Lord seems oddly different than what we are used to. In Physics we define work as an object having motion, we understand in Chemistry that kinematics as being part of chemical reactions, so to with Biology. So, this command is different, these objects do not have a will, no ears to hear a command and then decide to obey, they obeyed their master and creator demands. He spoke them into existence, and he is only telling them to stop making waves in the sea and wind in the air. The timing was such that to the disciples there was no mistake that could be made between the Lord’s command and the calming of the storm, it was immediate. His authority here is certainly unquestioned.

So, the question is what do you fear more the storm that nearly took your life, or the one in the boat with you that commanded the storm to stop? Proverbs repeatedly says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So be wise.

We are faced with an object made of nucleic acid and protein that is wreaking havoc all over the world. Covid – 19. You may remember that this virus is dead just like the atoms and molecules I mentioned earlier. During the coming weeks, there may times fear may threaten to overtake you. Remember who is in the boat with you!