Tour - Wheaton Academy
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Virtual tour

Tour Our Campus

Wheaton Academy is located on a sprawling, open campus on 50+ acres in West Chicago, IL. Brittany Klenke, Director of Admissions, will guide you through our virtual tour, showing you our wonderful facilities.

Ready Set Go

🔒 Ready, Set, Go

Our most in-depth resource filled with information on how Wheaton Academy equips your students with academic excellence—building a solid Biblical foundation and while preparing your student to succeed in the future. This book is filled with program information, student and parent testimonials, as well as colleges and universities where Wheaton Academy students have been accepted.

Application Guide

🔒 Application Guide

We have created a resource for you to give you all the information that you need to know about applying to Wheaton Academy. These are the important steps and dates that will help you see the full process before you apply and help you understand what is coming up next!

🔒 School Philosophy & Family Expectations

Learn about Wheaton Academy’s approach to education and what we expect from our students and their families.

🔒 Homeschool Partnership Program

Wheaton Academy has a program that partners with homeschooling families. Learn how a student can attend classes part-time while also working on homeschool curriculum.

Unlock Downloadable Resources to Enhance Your Virtual Tour

🔒 Blue Ribbon Information

🔒 College Readiness Bookmark

🔒 Co-Curricular Guide