Tuition and Fees Info - Wheaton Academy
2020-2021 Schedule

Tuition & FEe

Tuition – $16,320

General cost for faculty, facilities management, and administrative support.

Fee – $1,415

Funds for classroom consumable supplies, class budget and activities, school-assigned technology device/support, Winterim administration and instructional technological support.

Book Rental – $375

Covers pre-bundled book rental.

An “Opt-Out” option is available but students are required to have all books by August 21, 2020. If student does not have books by this date, the family will be charged a $100 late fee.

Co-curriculars, athletics and special events – Per program

Each program contains its own fee structure as administered by the leader of the program.  Please reference program materials for more information.

Financing and Fees for Tuition Payments (3 options)*

Number of payments Due Date(s)Fee
Annual Payment Finance FeeJune (1 payment)$0
Bi-Annual Payments Finance FeeJune and December (2 payments)$175
Monthly Payments Finance FeeJune through May (12 payments)$380
*Finance fees will be included in the payment schedule for your selected payment plan.

Failed Payment and Late Fees

Failed Bank Fees – $30
Late Invoice Payment – $40 or 1% of total balance due (whichever is greater)


  • Enrollment deposits are applied to the student’s tuition.
  • If enrollment contracts, deposits, and/or first tuition payments are not received by the due date, the student may be placed in the Wait Pool.
  • 25% of tuition and fees are due before the first day of school in order for the student to attend classes.
  • Withdrawals one month before semester starts, will require a $500 fee, deductible from tuition paid.
  • Withdrawals less than one month before semester starts will require $1000 fee, deductible from tuition paid.
  • Withdrawals after the 1st semester start will require 100% of the 1st Semester’s tuition and the entirety of the annual fee.
  • Withdrawals after the 2nd semester start will require 100% of the full year’s tuition and fees.
  • Book Rental Fees are non-refundable after semester after electing to Opt-in and in any case of withdrawl.


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