Shadow Request - Wheaton Academy
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Choose Your Ideal Tuesday or Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm.

Wheaton Academy welcomes students who are interested in attending our school to visit or “shadow” a current student on a scheduled Tuesday or Friday.

We encourage Future Warriors to visit for the school day (8:00am – 3:00pm) on a Tuesday or a Friday, so they can experience life as a Wheaton Academy student by attending a full day of classes, lunch, and Chapel. We match prospective students with current Wheaton Academy students who are close in age, of the same gender, and who have similar interests. We provide lunch, but students are welcome to bring their own.

After a family completes the online Shadow Request form, an Admissions staff member will contact the family to confirm the shadow date.

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Wheaton Academy has an allergy policy which states that foods containing nuts are not to be consumed on campus or during off campus activities (games, field trips, tours, etc.). However, because we understand that certain diets require significant protein, we provide one small tree-nut zone in a portion of the Commons (school lunchroom) for students who need to eat nuts throughout the school day. This is the only place on campus that nuts of any kind may be eaten. This include all foods containing nut products like granola bars, candy bars with nuts, cookies with nuts, peanut oil, etc.