The Wheaton Academy community is a place where every student can find a place to belong. Learn about the many opportunities students have to get connected through clubs, athletic teams, and leadership opportunities. There is truly something for everyone!

Hear students answer these questions…

  • [1:53] How would you describe the community at Wheaton Academy?
  • [5:43] How do you feel known at Wheaton Academy?
  • [9:24] How have you been involved in service at Wheaton Academy?
  • [14:43] How do you feel like you have grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?
  • [18:18] How has that growth come through even coaches and athletics?
  • [21:20] How have you explored your passions at Wheaton Academy?
  • [26:47] What has been one of your favorite classes you have taken at Wheaton Academy?
  • [28:20] What advice would you give to an incoming student?


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