Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Target Audience + Purpose = Ministry Impact

Campus Huddle

  • ┬áMission: To see varsity student-athletes live out Jesus’ example of servant leadership through serving our underclassman student-athletes.
  • Varsity athletes will create a monthly program for freshmen/sophomore athletes to equip, enable, empower, and encourage them to impact and influence our campus for Christ.

Athletic Leadership Conference

  • Mission: To create space for athletes to engage in intentional relationships with other athletes from various sports. To teach our student-athletes to “lead with the towel” by following Jesus example of serving others. To develop practical ways for athletes to demonstrate servant leadership to their teams and our campus

FCA Feeder Teams/Camps

  • WA Athletes will have the opportunity to help volunteer with FCA feeder teams and camps

Chick-fil-A Power Camp (Summer)

  • WA athletes will work together with athletes from area huddles and Wheaton College athletes to help FCA Chicago to run a camp for youth from the city of Chicago.