September 25, 2020

Celebrating Outdoor Learning

Wheaton Academy Orchestra rehearses on the grad grounds

This fall, students at Wheaton Academy have been enjoying outdoor campus spaces more than ever before. It is not unusual to see classes meeting under all three of our tents or to hear the band practicing from the grad grounds. If you follow the sidewalk around the Academic Building, you’ll often find drama students rehearsing their scenes at the tables outside of the White Chapel. 

Below, in a scene from the Addams Family, a student calls for air hugs and opens her arms to send a distanced hug across the lawn. Moments like these continue to bring our community together—united in our commitment to love and serve each other in new and unique ways this year.

Studies show that outdoor education has wide ranging benefits from decreasing stress and anxiety to increasing attention and community connection. In some cases, outdoor learning has even been shown to boost test scores. This fall, we are celebrating so many opportunities for outdoor education. This winter, we are committed to continuing to develop creative and innovative learning spaces for all Wheaton Academy students.