Congratulations, Class of 2024

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How many of you can think of someone here on staff who you want to emulate? I can for sure. I would like to be wise like Mr. Jasper, selfless like Mrs. Gregersen, welcoming like Mr. Bowling, genuine like Mrs. Burick, hilarious like Mr. Ball, committed like Mrs. Hockett, consistent like Mr. Ellis, compassionate like Mrs. Sezonov, humble like Mr. Visker, and the list goes on. The faculty and staff displayed these amazing Christ-like qualities, and above all, they have instilled within us how to trust in God at all times. 

Scotty Murray

Scotty Murray
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Ian Dalmas Speech
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The last time the Wheaton Academy Class of 2024 stands in one room? That’s today. Our time at Wheaton Academy has pointed us to the true Gardener: the Father who made the Garden, the Son who prayed in a garden, and went to the Cross, and to the Spirit that empowers the growth of our faith.

Our faith is a cherished hope in a last time: the last time we struggle with sin and death, the last time we cry and suffer, a time when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. Then the full scope of God’s harvest will be made clear.

So let’s start this new beginning with the end in mind.

Ian Dalmas

Read Senior Reflections

We asked some seniors a few questions about their experience at Wheaton Academy. Read what they had to say here.

Eva DeSouza
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When I look at this group, I see 164 leaders—leaders in business, medicine, athletics, the stage, and most importantly, the mission field. I am confident that no matter where their gifts take them, they will use their platform to point to the one who has so richly equipped them. I am confident that their efforts and hours spent pursuing their gifts will leave a lasting impact on this community—because it has on me.

Eva DeSouza

When I stepped onto this campus almost three years ago, I was not a Christian. I was raised in a Christian family, but I trusted concrete things, like science, and God seemed distant. Gradually the prodigal son found his way home. Gradually, I saw God through friends, mentors, detailed Bible studies, and through science and nature. Gradually I went from an unbelieving prodigal to a wholehearted Christian. The only reason I stand as a Christian is because of the many Christians who invested in me. My response is to invest likewise through evangelism.

David Zhang

David Zhang
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A Parent Perspective

The mission of Wheaton Academy, to nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence, and service, all for the glory of God—that one sentence has shaped, molded, transformed countless lives. I know because my life was changed here at Wheaton Academy.

Angelica Perry

Angelica is an alumna, a parent of a 2024 graduate, and teacher at Wheaton Academy.

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