April 23, 2020

Chinese Families Send Masks to Wheaton Academy

Wheaton Academy students thank families in China for sending masks

Many of our parents in China gather together every day to pray for our school leadership, teachers, staff, host families, and students. When reports of COVID-19 began to surface in the USA, this group of parents knew that the situation could become serious quickly. In response, they teamed up with a larger group of Wheaton Academy families in China to purchase and send 10,000 masks for distribution to our host families and school families.

The masks arrived at school during Holy Week. On April 13, Wheaton Academy families were invited to pick up packaged masks from the school curbside according to their needs. After distributing the masks among our school community, additional masks were donated to elderly residents at Windsor Park Manor. We are thankful for this generous gift from our Chinese families and grateful for the way that they continue to lift us up in prayer during these challenging and uncertain times.

We want to encourage our local community to spend time praying for international families and students in the weeks to come. While some international students made the decision to return home, many others have chosen to remain in the states. It is difficult to be separated from family amidst the uncertainty of the current crisis. Please pray for peace, comfort, and health for students and their families as they navigate this separation.